US Soldier Arrested for Supporting ISIS. Mikey Weinstein Silent.

Update: Kang’s court documents unsealed.

A US Soldier was arrested over the weekend after a yearlong operation in which he was alleged to have tried to materially support the Islamic State.

Among the charges was that Kang copied military secret documents in 2015 and wanted to provide them to [ISIS], according to the affidavit. It also Kang says admitted that he voluntarily pledged loyalty to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

SFC Ikaika Kang was highlighted to the FBI by the US military: 

the affidavit says the Army believed Kang was becoming radicalized in 2016 and asked the FBI to investigate.

While the word “Muslim” does not appear in the article, that is what Kang was radicalized in.  His family indicated he’d become interested in Islam during one of his combat deployments.

Kang had previously made pro-ISIS and threatening statements, resulting in the loss of his security clearance. But…

His clearance was reinstated a year later after he completed military requirements.

That detail had some US troops incredulous.  They noted a Soldier would get kicked out of the Army for a DUI, so were amazed a Soldier would be retained and even regain a security clearance if he threatened violence and supported the enemy.

Counting Kang, seven US troops have been motivated by their Islamic faith to either attack or plan/attempt to attack the US military. Thirteen additional veterans and civilians have done the same — all but one just since 2007.

In contrast, precisely zero Christians have attacked or attempted to attack the US military because of their faith.

Yet Michael “Mikey” Weinstein claims Christians in the US military are a threat to national security — so much so that he thinks Christians shouldn’t even be allowed to serve in the military.

Yet every single attempt or plan to kill US troops by these troops or veterans was conducted by a Muslim — including at least one Muslim that Mikey Weinstein interacted with before he was arrested. Kind of makes you wonder if Weinstein is concerned with “national security”…or just bigoted toward Christians.

Prior incidents by US troops:

Fourteen civilians or veterans similarly planned to attack or did attack US troops, motivated by their Islamic faith:

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