Fort Hood Plotter Abdo’s Confession Allowed to Stand

US Army PFC Naser Abdo, arrested in July 2011 while allegedly collecting supplies to bomb and shoot Fort Hood soldiers, reportedly confessed shortly after he was arrested.  His lawyers unsuccessfully tried to get the confession ruled inadmissible.

[U.S. District Judge Walter Smith] rejected a defense motion to throw out a confession from the soldier accused of planning to bomb a Texas restaurant filled with Fort Hood troops…

Prior to this point, Abdo had been fairly defiant, and he didn’t seem to shy telling the police what his plans were:

“So I’m AWOL … and I was planning an attack here in the Fort Hood community,” Abdo says in the recording… 

During the first six-hour interview, Abdo said he was in Killeen to make things right with Allah because he had sinned against Allah, [an FBI special agent C. Michael] Owens testified.

Abdo remains a thorn in the side of Michael Weinstein’s public façade.  After the 2009 Fort Hood massacre, Weinstein said accused shooter Major Nidal Malik Hasan should have been court-martialed for advocating that Muslims be excused from US military service.

During the investigation of Abdo it came to light Weinstein had spoken with the Army PFC — long before he showed up at Fort Hood, AWOL and with explosives in his possession.  Yet Weinstein never issued a scathing press release, littered with alliterative vitriol, demanding that the US Army court-martial PFC Naser Abdo, even though he’d said the same things.   The best Weinstein could manage after Abdo was arrested was to mutter “We just never felt good about him.”

It seems Weinstein’s moral courage extends only as far as his armchair quarterbacking.