Former Muslim US Airman Convicted on Terrorism Charges

A former US Air Force Airman — and apparently a member of the Honor Guard — flew to Turkey in an attempt to join ISIS in 2015.  Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh was arrested upon his return to the United States and was convicted last week on terrorism-related charges.

Pugh joins a long list of Americans who have either attempted to or successfully attacked US troops while motivated by their Islamic faith — five of whom were members of the US military:

Besides Pugh, at least eleven other incidents have been recorded in which non-military members (or veterans) have attempted to or successfully killed US troops, most in the US itself:

Other cases remain open, including that of Army deserter Daniel Seth Franey, who faces weapons charges and has a similar ideological history as Pugh.

The common thread among every single one of these attacks or attempted attacks was religion. And, contrary to the asinine pontifications of Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, it wasn’t Christianity.