Army Deserter, ISIS Supporter Pleads Guilty

Daniel Seth Franey is reportedly an Army deserter and supporter of Islamic extremism. He was charged in February for weapons violations after concerned members of the public reported his ideological statements and intimations about killing American soldiers. He’s now pled guilty to those weapons charges and faces 10 years in prison.

While most news reports don’t mention his religion, he apparently went by the name Abu Dawuud and called members of a local mosque “brothers.”

Franey was not charged with terrorism, and it seems some locals might have thought his faculties weren’t as sharp as they could have been.

Franey is at least the sixth member of the US military to advocate violence against his comrades related to his Islamic faith.  The others were:

Thirteen civilians or veterans similarly planned to attack or did attack US troops, motivated by their Islamic faith:


Michael “Mikey” Weinstein claims Christians in the US military are a national security threat — so much so that Christians shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the military. Yet every single attempt or plan to kill US troops by these troops or veterans was conducted by a Muslim — including at least one Muslim that Mikey Weinstein interacted with before he was arrested. Kind of makes you wonder if Weinstein is concerned with “national security”… or just Christians.