Mikey Weinstein Gets Shut Down by ACLJ. Again.

In response to the recent demand letter to the Air Force by Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s MRFF (a letter probably written by Chris Rodda), Skip Ash and Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice wrote their own letter (PDF)to Wright-Patt encouraging the Air Force to do the right thing — and continue ignoring Mikey Weinstein. Weinstein had written to demand “punishment” over a base chapel’s wing-wide email announcement of an upcoming leadership conference.

The letter was a well-written takedown the attack by “outlandish atheist” Mikey Weinstein — not that such a thing is terribly difficult, given his ridiculous claims, nor was it significantly different from just about every other defense of religious liberty from Mikey Weinstein (the ACLJ has made several over a period of years, and has been successful). The letter also included the traditional “Get to know Mikey” section, which quotes him extensively and helps local Air Force leaders learn just who the hate-filled extremist is who has demanded their immediate capitulation.

The logic of the ACLJ’s letter is essentially the same as discussed here previously, and the ACLJ successfully painted Weinstein as a prejudiced, petulant, hate-filled child with a basic reading comprehension problem — as well as a gross misunderstanding of the US Constitution. Given the hit to his reputation, Weinstein may regret the authorship of that letter.

While Weinstein’s complaint was asinine enought it may have been ignored on its own (as appears to have been the case to date), it is reassuring to those affected by his attacks to see there are others willing to come to their aid in defense of military religious freedom. Skip Ash, Jay Sekulow, and the ACLJ are among a stalwart group of actual defenders of religious liberty, and the public defense provided by all of them is greatly appreciated.