ACLJ Defends Military Prayer from “Anti-Christian Zealots”

After Michael “Mikey” Weinstein wrote a letter calling the Marine Corps University’s National Day of Prayer event unconstitutional, the American Center for Law and Justice quietly sent a letter to BGen Helen Pratt defending her handling of the event.

The ACLJ letter (PDF) was “quiet” because, while it was sent at the end of April, the ACLJ didn’t publicize it until just prior to the prayer event.

When Weinstein saw it, he was apparently red-faced.

After a well-worded rebuttal of Weinstein’s errant legal analysis, the last few pages of the ACLJ letter “introduce” BGen Pratt to Mikey Weinstein — using his own ‘colorful’ words. And this was apparently a subject of great embarrassment for Weinstein, whose MRFF quickly fired off another letter defending Weinstein, a letter that could best be summarized as a two-year old saying “nuh-uh.”

As an example, given the singular opportunity to rebut what the MRFF called “defamatory statements” about Weinstein, the MRFF ignored references to Weinstein’s description of sucking chest wounds, his vitriolic insults of Rabbis, and his public tirade against the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen Norton Schwartz, as being incompetent, gutless, and a liar. Of all the things they could have said, they chose to rebut the ACLJ’s criticism of Weinstein’s use of the General’s nickname “Norty.”

To be fair, that’s about all they could say. After all, Weinstein’s own words indict him fairly well.

The ACLJ letter was outstanding, and it was important on more than one point.

First, the ACLJ encouraged BGen Pratt in reminding her that she is responsible for the spiritual resilience of her troops, and providing opportunities like the prayer event was one way that some of her troops could receive that kind of support. This was an excellent effort by the ACLJ to promote the virtue of these kinds of events and to encourage the military to affirm them.

Second, the letter effectively countered Weinstein’s flawed logic and unsupported claims, providing sound legal reasoning for ignoring Weinstein’s “advice.”

Finally, the ACLJ did an excellent “exposé” on Weinstein, for those who may not know him. As noted above, Weinstein’s own words are his worst enemy. Importantly, however, the ACLJ articulately highlighted the hypocrisy and bigotry in Weinstein’s crusade [italics original, emphasis added]:

Despite repeated pious declarations that he is fighting for religious freedom and tolerance, Mr. Weinstein is in reality a serial purveyor of religious bigotry… [He] propagates the despicable lie that…Christians “would willingly, even eagerly, condemn, ostracize and even put to death their fellow citizens for praying to the wrong god.”

He even asserts: “I know that they will stop at literally nothing to achieve their ends. That includes mass murder.” Mr. Weinstein claims that “fundamentalist dominionist Christians are willing to kill to achieve their twisted agenda.” Such assertions are not only outrageous–they are absolutely delusional…Mr. Weinstein nonetheless expects all of us to simply accept that he can speak with authority about what certain Christians believe.

For example, without citing any authoritative source whatsoever, Mr. Weinstein claims that “Christian fundamentalist dominionists…believe that the Bible instructs them to eradicate all nonbelievers as a prerequisite for the Second Coming of Christ.” Elsewhere, once again without citing any authority to back up his statement, he claims that “hardcore fundamentalist Christian elements within every branch of the military [are] intent on creating nothing less than an army of zombie zealots prepared to fight and die to usher in the dispensational reign of Jesus Christ on earth.” Such outlandish assertions, bordering on paranoia, are commonplace in Mr. Weinstein’s writings and speeches.

He sees religious intrigue wherever he looks. He has now found it [with you].

That is an outstanding summation of Michael “Mikey” Weinstein.

If a man wrote a letter claiming “the Jews” in the US were trying to take over the world, how would he be received?

If a man wrote a letter claiming Muslims were trying to usurp the Constitution, how would he be received?

Weinstein’s bigoted invective against Christians deserves no more attention than that levied on other faiths.

The ACLJ deserves many thanks for standing in the gap in defense of both religious liberty and Christian troops. Mikey Weinstein has apparently made it his personal life mission to attack the military religious freedom of Christian Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines. Thankfully, there are organizations like the ACLJ willing to defend these troops who are serving and sacrificing — to protect Mikey Weinstein’s freedom to attack them.