ACLJ Again Defends Military Religious Freedom from Mikey Weinstein

The ACLJ has again written a letter to the US military encouraging them not to allow the military to become

an unwitting tool to implement Mr. Weinstein’s agenda of eviscerating religious freedom in the Armed Forces of the United States.

The letter was directed to the (acting) DoD Inspector General, Mr. Glenn Fine, the most recent recipient of a Weinstein missive. Weinstein had written the DoD IG after Peterson AFB refused to crucify a US Air Force officer who had a Bible on his desk.

The ACLJ’s letter (PDF) is much like the last twoone of which also went to Mr. Fine. Besides explaining Mikey Weinstein’s erroneous claims, the letter largely explained Weinstein’s history of bigotry against Christians — a method that has been quite effective in informing leaders who they’re dealing with. Once they know, they’re far less likely to treat Weinstein like the prima donna he clearly feels he is.

(While Weinstein has highly publicized sending the letters, he’s been far less sensational in revealing the letters have accomplished absolutely nothing.)

The letter does make one new point, and an important one, at that [emphasis added]:

It should be noted–despite Mr. Weinstein’s apparent beliefs to the contrary–that the various persons to whom Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF send their frequent demands are under no obligation whatsoever to respond to his demands. When Mr. Weinstein complains that Colonel Feltman “failed to respond to that [ie, Mr. Weinstein’s] demand,” it appears as if he actually believes they are somehow obligated to do so. They are not.

And neither is the DoD IG obligated to investigate every contrived Constitutional violation Mr. Weinstein alleges.

On that note, that Weinstein went to the DoD IG is notable. Why not the Colonel’s boss? Why not the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, or any of the other Air Force or DoD leaders he’s gone to before?  Why, of all people, the DoD IG?

It would seem there are two possibilities: Either Weinstein has reason to believe Mr. Fine is amenable to his cause, so he’s skipping all the middlemen; or Weinstein has had the door shut on him by so many people he’s running out of offices that will even take his calls, much less rule in his favor.

At this point, there’s no reason to suspect the former.  While Weinstein may think he can win Mr. Fine’s support — perhaps he’s banking on the fact Mr. Fine is apparently Jewish — there’s no indication to this point the DoD IG has done anything for Weinstein at all.

If the latter is true, there may be some reward in Mikey Weinstein’s “petulant” rantings. He’s alienated so many people with his bigoted bombast that he’s proven he is the very “monster” he has projected onto others. And no one wants to join the side of the monster.

Religious freedom will benefit if Mikey Weinstein’s voice continues to fade. When it recedes to the point that he only hears his own echo, members of the US military will finally be able to spend time accomplishing the mission — rather than defending against his.

Military religious freedom has benefited from the work of Skip Ash, Jay Sekulow, and Wesley Smith of the ACLJ. Well done, gentlemen. Keep it up.