ACLJ Details Support for Military Religious Freedom

The ACLJ recently posted an appeal for support that listed recent cases of military religious freedom, and they set themselves up as the foil to Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s MRFF in the process. Speaking of their support for court-martialed US Marine Monifa Sterling [emphasis added]:

Angry atheist Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) also filed a brief asking the court to reject Sterling’s appeal and ignore the violation of her religious freedom. (Remember it is Mikey Weinstein and his extremist group that has repeatedly called Christians in the military “monsters who terrorize.”)

Regarding a recent FOIA lawsuit Weinstein filed against the US Air Force Academy [italics original, emphasis added]: 

Weinstein the whiner is at it again. This week he filed a federal FOIA lawsuit against the Air Force regarding his attempt to make the Air Force scour thousands of pages of files dating back as far as 1999

This is ridiculous. A fishing expedition. MRFF is clearly in search of a lawsuit. To date, Weinstein and MRFF have not won a case in court, but they keep filing lawsuits, and that requires that groups like the ACLJ respond.

And the ACLJ’s future role regarding military religious freedom [emphasis added]:

The MRFF won’t stop. Neither can we. We will continue to monitor Weinstein and the MRFF—as they continue their “search and destroy” campaign to eradicate Christianity from our military.

The ACLJ is right in that regard. For several years Weinstein’s voice was unopposed, and military religious freedom suffered as the US military knee-jerked to try to keep him happy. Fortunately, other voices like the ACLJ have started defending religious freedom in the military, tempering his attacks. These groups have also revealed Weinstein is all bark and no bite.

Groups like those in the Restore Military Religious Freedom coalition and the ACLJ do need to be supported, as the need to defend military religious freedom has been dramatically demonstrated in the past few years, and no one else has stood in the gap for US troops.


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  • Do you support the religious freedom for chaplains to conduct same sex weddings on militaruy bases?