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Mikey Weinstein Complains about USAFA Football Coach. Air Force Yawns.

UPDATE: While Weinstein’s original complaint was almost completely ignored, a wide variety of sites has picked up on USAFA’s decision to ignore Weinstein.  One site pointed out Weinstein was violating his own organization’s mission statement — leading one to wonder if his Board of Directors should sanction him.

For his part, Mikey Weinstein is now awkwardly spinning this incident to claim it is an MRFF “victory,” despite the fact he previously called the USAFA response “bulls–t” when it didn’t bow — and still hasn’t bowed — to his demands.  It would seem not doing what Weinstein wants is also an MRFF “victory,” meaning Weinstein can never lose…

As discussed last week, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein demanded an investigation of Air Force tight ends football coach Steed Lobotzke because he “tweeted” Bible verses.

The Air Force responded with a collective yawn [emphasis added]:

All athletic coaches’ social media accounts are personal and not maintained by the Air Force Academy Athletic Department. The views and comments within these accounts are personal and not the views of the Air Force Academy or Air Force. However, we appreciate that the accounts could appear official and have advised that an appropriate disclaimer be included to avoid confusion in this regard.

The Academy remains Read more

Mikey Weinstein Attacks USAFA Coach Steed Lobotzke for Bible Tweets

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein says he will call for an Inspector General investigation of US Air Force Academy football coach Steed Lobotzke, because Lobotzke quotes Bible verses on his Twitter account [emphasis added]:

Unchecked Christian extremism is worse than ever at the Academy…

Lobotzke’s official twitter feed is filled with illicit proselytizing in the name of Jesus ChristUnconstitutional filth, thy name be Steed Lobotzke…

This [is the] latest disgrace to the Constitution of unlawful, fundamentalist Christian supremacy

To be clear, Lobotzke’s “crime” was nothing more than Read more