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Air Force Censors “Gendered Language” — Declaration, Constitution Next

The Virginian-Pilot reports the US Air Force has taken down posters hung at Langley Air Force Base because they contained “gendered language.” The Air Force had previously defended the posters against accusations by Michael “Mikey” Weinstein that they violated regulations on religion. With that avenue closed, the National Organization for Women rolled in and declared the posters “sexist” because they referred to “men” and “gentlemen”. The Air Force now says [emphasis added]

With additional time to review all seven posters outside the narrower, primarily religious context of the original complaint about two of them, we concluded the gendered language used in the display interfered with intended messages about personal integrity.

We’ve chosen to update the display with something that reflects the diverse and inclusive force we are today.

How the Air Force believes “gendered language” “interfere[s]” with “personal integrity” might make a fascinating discussion.

For his part, Mikey Weinstein — ignored by the Air Force, again — appeared Read more

Mikey Weinstein Calls for Decapitation, Persecution of Christians

In an appropriately timed interview just prior to Easter, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation was asked what would constitute “success” in his war against Christians in the US military. This was his response:

The Romans had it right. When you cut off somebody’s head and you stick it on a pole and show it to the masses, it changes behavior.

The interview was laced with a repugnant oblivious irony.  It was entitled “Do Christian Fanatics in the Military Endanger National Security?“, ignoring the fact no Christian “fanatic” has ever been identified in the US military, much less one who “endangers national security.”  By contrast, “fanatics” of other religions most certainly have been identified, repeatedly, yet Islamic extremism in the US military never once enters Mikey Weinstein’s lexicon of prejudice against Christians.

Further, Weinstein’s implications about cutting the heads off Read more

Military Equal Opportunity Says Bible, Constitution Cause Sexism

In a now widely reported incident, a Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute online training course was pulled last month after a reporter made an inquiry about a slide that said the Bible, the US Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence “allow sexism to continue”:

The military’s Equal Opportunity channels have had a number of high-profile missteps, with most being dismissed as “isolated” incidents of Read more

Michael Weinstein Equates Himself with Racist, Sexist

Quick to level hate-filled vitriol against his critics and those with whom he disagrees, opponent of religious freedom in the military Michael Weinstein finally caught a unique target in his most recent diatribe: himself.  Weinstein recently opined:

When you tell somebody in the US military that they lack intelligence, character, integrity, trustworthiness, honor, honorability, and courage because of their chosen religious faith or lack thereof…there’s no difference between that and telling someone that they’re innately stupid because of the color of their skin, or because they have a vagina, because they’re a female.

He may have forgotten that Michael Weinstein has implied “fundamentalist Christians” in the US military lack integrity, character, etc., etc., not because of any behavior on their part, but simply “because of their chosen religious faith.”

In fact, he’s said “fundamentalist Christians” — based on his analysis of Read more