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Report: US Army General Opposes President Trump as Uniformed Troops March in Protest

San Diego recently held its annual “Pride” Parade celebrating variations of sexuality — the same one then-Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning rode in as Grand Marshal in 2016. As then, uniformed military members played a prominent role [emphasis added]:

To show opposition to the Trump Administration’s ban on transgender troops, this year’s military contingent decided to have active-duty trans service members march at the front of the parade.

“I am a transgender sailor myself,” said Elijah Riddle, who currently serves in the U.S. Navy.

Let’s see: Participating in a political protest in uniform, and Read more

US Military Censors Jesus, Applauds Achmed the Dead Terrorist

180th Fighter Wing Commander Col Craig Bluto Baker declared that an Air Force officer was prohibited from explaining the impact of Jesus Christ on his life, while a Navy Commander in San Diego lauded the performance of comedian Jeff Dunham, who voices, among others, Achmed the Dead Terrorist. From a prior performance:

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is a bundle of bones and bulging eyes and bushy eyebrows who delights with the crowd-pleasing line “I’ll keel you!”

“I’m a terrible father,” he said. “I took my son to take your kid to work day. Now he’s there, over there and over there. [Bomb noises] It’s not funny, kids blow up so fast.”

Achmed went on a rant about loving Ellen DeGeneres Read more

What Drives Your Excellence?

US Marine SGT Evan Mendes was recognized at the San Diego Petco Park as an NCO of the quarter.  How did he do it?

Mendes, outshined his peers by following what he believes will bring him closer to God.

“As a Christian I try to glorify God,” said Mendes, whose life revolves around his faith. “When I do a good job or not, I’ve done it for God.”

Working as if for God should motivate Christians in every walk of life.  Mendes Read more

Goverment Appeals Family Award in F-18 Crash

The government has filed an appeal over the $17.8M award to the family of Don Yoon, whose family was killed when an F/A-18C crashed into their home in 2008 — killing Yoon’s wife, mother-in-law, and two children.

The formal notice of appeal in the case brought by Don Yoon and his relatives was filed Tuesday and did not specify what the government will contest…

The award was a fraction of the $56M sought in the original lawsuit.  The government had previously conceded liability; the only issue has been the size of the compensation to the family members.

Family Relatives Sue for $56M in F-18 Crash

The extended members of four members of a family who were killed in the 2008 crash of an F/A-18 Hornet into their San Diego home are reportedly suing the Marine Corps for $56 million.

Don Yoon lost his 36-year-old wife, Youngmi Lee Yoon; his 15-month-old daughter, Grace; his 2-month-old daughter, Rachel; and his 59-year-old mother-in-law, Seokim Kim Lee, who was visiting from Korea to help her eldest daughter take care of their children.

As noted at the time, the accident represented Read more

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