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Ed Brayton’s Cluelessness on Religious Tests for Office

Ed Brayton, a long-time secularist blogger and ally of Michael “Mikey” Weinstein and Chris Rodda, recently wrote a post entitled “Klingenschmitt’s Cluelessness on Religious Tests for Office.”

One of Brayton’s pastimes is keeping up with former Navy Chaplain and former Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt, himself a prolific public speaker and writer.

Brayton quoted Klingenschmitt from a LifeSite news article in which Klingenschmitt was commenting on the decision by Tennessee state legislator Mark Green to withdraw from nomination as Secretary of the Army.  Klingenschmitt said

The bully left is now openly creating an unconstitutional religious litmus test for public office. If you believe the Bible, or quote the Bible in public, they claim you are unfit for office and apply their political labels until you quit.

Brayton mocked Klingenschmitt’s statement as “absurd,” and then followed it with his own absurdity:  Read more

Transgenders Privately Admit, but Publicly Deny, Unresolved Issues

Paula Neira — who served in the US Navy as Paul Neira — has helped stand up Johns Hopkins’ Center for Transgender Health this Spring.

Most articles on the new Center have said little of substance, but one report quoted Neira making a potentially unintentional but fascinating admission:

Under [his] leadership, the Center for Transgender Health will serve transgender patients, teach health professionals and research health concerns facing the transgender community.

And this last point has some urgency. Neira notes that there is still a lot unknown for transgender patients related to gender-affirming care as well as to general health. “You know — what is the health effect of testosterone dosage? What is the most effective dose? There’s all kinds of pieces of information that we want to know…”

Neira, and by extension Johns Hopkins, is essentially admitting society is Read more

US Navy Redesigning Submarines. For Women.

US military defense contractor Electric Boat is reportedly laying out the designs for future submarines that will be [emphasis added]

built specifically to accommodate female crewmembers.

This may be “fake news,” since the genesis of the “women in combat” argument was that women were there already, and that there would be no actual logistical changes necessary to legitimize what was already happening.  Still [emphasis added]:   Read more

Navy School Changes Command Under Divine Authority

As reported by the Navy, aptly named US Navy CAPT Steve Moses took over the Naval Chaplaincy School and Center at the end of March.  (Last year, it was CAPT Moses who said requiring US Sailors and their families to mirror Islamic customs during Ramadan “support[s] religious freedom.”)

The Navy Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain (RAdm) Margaret Kibben, was the guest speaker, and she had the notable quote for the day [emphasis added]:

She challenged Capt. Moses to, “Wear the mantle, and do so with authority, with the responsibility that has been granted to you by the One who is the author of all these things.”

Had Chaplain Kibben been a white male Southern Baptist (as Read more

Navy Chaplain Returns to his Buddhist Roots

An official DoD article recounts the interesting story of Aroon Seeda, a 13-year-old Buddhist monk in training in 1988 who met a group of US Marines — and then decided he wanted to become one.

He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 2008 with the goal of becoming a chaplain. He received his citizenship several months after completing basic training and attained his goal in two years and seven months.

Chaplain Aroon Seeda is the only Buddhist chaplain in the Department of the Navy…

Now-Chaplain Seeda returned to Thailand recently in Read more

Navy Chaplain Opens Nightly Prayers to Atheist Sailor

A few days ago a Navy atheist took to the internet in search for ideas for a nightly prayer.

The US Navy still performs nightly prayers over the ships’ intercoms, much to the dismay of groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It seems one chaplain decided to give the local unit atheist the chance to chime in:

we normally have Chaps read an evening prayer each night. While it doesn’t necessarily bother me to hear the overwhelmingly Christian prayers every. Single. Night. I’d like to change things up a bit. Our chaplain is open to other beliefs, so Read more

“Log-in and Worship”: Military Chapel goes Online

The US Navy posted a fascinating story about Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae, the only US Naval installation on Asia’s mainland, as its chapel program began live-streaming services to help serve Sailors, Marines, and their families posted to Korea:

“I think it is great,” said Johnna Johnson, ombudsman for Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea. “Chinhae is one-hour away from Busan, and it is challenging for families to drive there, so this is a fantastic service. Nothing beats the fellowship of being there in person, but this is an amazing next best thing.”

In an era in which streaming church services is Read more

USS Bataan Sailors Receive Transgender Training

Sailors aboard the USS Bataan received their mandatory “transgender training” somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean:

“All commands are mandated to have this training from the Navy,” said Ms. Ingrid Smith, Bataan’s deployed resiliency counselor. “They want Sailors to know that transgender or individuals who identify as transgender will now be allowed to actively serve in the Navy.

Interestingly, the article goes out of its way to qualify what the “training” actually is: Read more

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