Chris Rodda Caught in Lie over Military Religious Freedom. Again.

Chris Rodda, the sometime research assistant for Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, seems to have a recurring problem with the truth.

In one of the more glaring examples, she once claimed Mikey Weinstein didn’t pay himself one cent — and all the while Weinstein was paying himself: more than a quarter million dollars.

In another, just last year she proclaimed the MRFF didn’t object to US troops “privately engaging in any religious activity” — just after the MRFF had objected to US troops privately engaging in a church service of all things.

Both of these untruths were intended to sway public perceptions about the MRFF: The first was an attempt to convince people Mikey Weinstein was a selfless martyr, rather than using his self-founded, self-run “charity” to line his wallet, as many now believe. The second was an effort to have people believe the MRFF really was in favor of “religious freedom,” and not just motivated by bigotry against Christians, as many now believe.

That Chris Rodda had to lie to shape those perceptions tells you a lot about Mikey Weinstein and his MRFF.

In a continuation of the pattern, Rodda again recently stooped to untruth to — you guessed it — counter the perception that Weinstein and his acolytes aren’t really “anti-Christian.” In responding to a detractor, Rodda first made a startling admission:

I’m Chris Rodda, MRFF’s research director.

The reason that it appears to some that we are “attacking” only Christians…

That would mark the first time the MRFF has admitted that it appears the MRFF is attacking Christians, though it has been obvious to the casual observer for a long time.

To continue [emphasis added]:

…it is only Christians (and only a specific type of Christians) that we receive complaints about. We just don’t get complaints about people of other religions…If we did, we would go after them just as vigorously as we go after the Christians…But, like I said, we just don’t receive any complaints about anybody other than fundamentalist and dominionist Christians…

Rodda’s redundant response is untrue on two counts.

First, Rodda claims they only hear complaints about “fundamentalist and dominionist Christians.” That’s false on its face. Take just one example among many: LtGen Ronnie Hawkins, for whom Mikey Weinstein demanded a court-martial after he briefed his “Ronnie’s Rules” to DISA.

How does Chris Rodda know LtGen Hawkins is a “fundamentalist and dominionist Christian?” Simple. She doesn’t. She’s making it up.

Chris Rodda and Mikey Weinstein “receive complaints” about people they believe are the wrong kind of Christians. And if you’re not an MRFF-Approved Right Kind of ChristianTM, you’re “fundamentalist,” “dominionist,” and a “national security threat” — which means, in their eyes, you’ve forfeited your constitutionally-protected right to religious freedom.  All because they don’t like your faith.

Second, Rodda’s statement is false because the MRFF received a complaint just weeks ago from a Christian about Sikhs obtaining special treatment because of their religion.

The MRFF response, courtesy of Joan Slish:

I suggest you contact a Christian organization that has lawyers to answer your question.

Not only has the MRFF refused to help Christians, as in Slish’s response, it has also attacked Christians who have asked for help.

When another Christian recently asked the MRFF for advice, Mikey Weinstein tore into him, calling him a homophobe and a bigot, and accused him of violating regulations and his oath to the Constitution. All because he asked for advice.

With that kind of reaction from her illustrious boss, how can Chris Rodda seriously say they don’t — in her words — “target Christians?”

In point of fact, she can’t — but she desperately needs the public to believe it. Because if the general public came to believe the truth — that Mikey Weinstein is an anti-Christian zealot filled with seething bigotry — they might very well lose what little support (and funding) they have.

In a great irony, the subject of Chris Rodda’s email response was “Truth!



  • #BibleBelievingPreacher

    Of course, she has to lie. She has to protect Weinstein’s fund-raising efforts. Who knows, maybe she receives a “kick-back” from all the money Weinstein gives himself.

    • She’s a paid employee, so it likely does benefit her as well. Scratch that — she was apparently a contractor, not an employee. Otherwise Weinstein would have to pay payroll tax and give her benefits…