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Airman’s Bible Controversy Continues

One of these Bibles has been declared a “national security threat.”  Can you guess which one?

The controversy over Michael Weinstein’s assertion that a Bible was a “national security threat” doesn’t seem to have abated even with their dwindling supply.  From the Air Force Times:

Air Force Sergeants Association CEO John “Doc” McCauslin said the Defense Department allows each service’s insignia to be Read more

Chris Rodda Shows MRFF Opposition to “Wrong Kind” of Christians

Chris Rodda, the researcher for Michael Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation, recently answered an email from an MRFF critic who questioned their stance against the Holman Bibles.  Much of the reply was pedantic or boiler plate from their other replies (another MRFF employee, Andy Kasehagen, has also published identical thousand-word copy/paste replies to different critics’ emails).  The meat of her reply, though, was interesting:

The reason for MRFF’s actions to get the official military emblems removed from the Holman Bibles was much more than just the constitutional issue of a government entity endorsing religion.

The Holman Bibles also contain a large section of materials promoting an organization called the Officers’ Christian Fellowship (OCF)…The other issue with these Bibles is that they violate the JER and specific branch regulations that prohibit the endorsement of a non-federal entity. The OCF is a non-federal entity, so allowing an official military emblem on a book promoting the OCF, as these particular Bibles do, is in clear violation of these regulations.

While Rodda repeats the MRFF position, the military — which enforces its regulations — disagreed.  After all, if there was any such violation, it Read more

Congress Chides DoD on Response to Frivolous Complaints

A group of Congressmen has become the latest part of the government to take the US military to task for its apparent capitulation to external critics.  In this case, 23 members of the House signed a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta concerning the removal of the DoD insignia from Holman Bibles, a “scandal” previously discussed.  The Congressmen said the issue was not that the seals were removed, but the fact the action was taken only because Michael Weinstein was bothered by it:

“The problem here is that it appears the decision made by DoD was in response to a manufactured, frivolous complaint,” [Congressman Alan] Nunnelee said.  “The military should not be succumbing to pressure from outside groups to alter longstanding policy.” 

The letter does not demand that permission to use the seals be returned; it is three paragraphs of concern over why it appears the US military keeps “bowing” to Michael Weinstein:  Read more

Michael Weinstein Targets Evangelicals in Fishing for Bibles, Part 2

As predicted last November, Michael Weinstein went fishing for controversy over military-themed Bibles and finally managed to manufacture a scandal out of the nearly decade-old Holman series of military-themed Bibles carrying official military service seals.

But what that led to is even more interesting, for Weinstein may have let slip (again) his real target in his “war” against religious freedom in the US military.

For its part, the military says the decision to withdraw permission for Holman to use the seals was administrative housekeeping.  Weinstein’s research assistant Chris Rodda cried malarkey, saying the military never would have revisited the permission if not for the MRFF inquiries.

As it has in the past, the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, representing 2,000 military chaplains, is calling on Congress to investigate why the military is so keen on bowing to pressure from the MRFF.

The end result is the Holman Bibles can be Read more

Michael Weinstein Goes Fishing for Military Bibles and Your Emails

The last “scandal” at the US Air Force Academy, regarding Operation Christmas Child, was reportedly initiated by a USAFA cadet forwarding an email to Michael Weinstein.  Prior to that, the scandal-circuit had been pretty quiet — but not for lack of trying on Weinstein’s part.  When there isn’t something to complain about, Weinstein has gone looking.

The law firm of Jones Day — which has assisted Weinstein in other cases — has been looking for information on “The Airman’s Bible and the Airman’s New Testament.”  The Airman’s Bible was previously discussed; the “Airman’s New Testament” is similar.  It seems the target is some indication, somewhere, that the Air Force was directly or indirectly involved in the production of the Air Force-themed Bibles.

The acknowledgements in the Bible do mention military members, and the Bible carries Air Force symbols, so the target is probably something, somewhere, that will incriminate someone…about something.  Naturally, this hunt for an as-yet unknown smoking gun about an unknown problem will prove the obvious fact Christianity is preferred in the US military.  Somehow.

In another case, Pam Zubeck of the CSIndy recently publicized a portion of a Weinstein fishing expedition:  Weinstein is asking for names and processes surrounding the “Falcon Clips” published last year.  Previously, the ominous observation was made that Weinstein seemed to be headhunting for people corresponding with this site.

That has now been confirmed by Read more

Military Bibles: Chaplains and Lawyers are People, Too

Some people live under the false impression military officers are perfect.  While the nature of their profession often leaves little room for error, the men and women who make up the military officer corps are as fallible as the next person.

Military Chaplains, who often enter the military as 1LTs or Captains, have been known to give incorrect military guidance.  Despite their role as spiritual leaders, they’ve also been known to dispense incorrect theology.  Military lawyers, or “Judge Advocates General (JAGs),” are similar.  They, too, often enter the military as higher officers, or have accelerated promotions through the lower ranks.  Their advanced age, education, and rank often gives them credibility — even if it isn’t earned.  They, too, have been known to give military advice or guidance to commanders that is inconsistent with the law.

Which brings us to today.

Michael Weinstein, a former JAG himself, recently published a letter Read more