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Army Secretary Nominee Eric Fanning and the Military Culture

A large swath of news outlets and activist organizations have reported on the previously predicted nomination by President Obama of Eric Fanning to the role of Secretary of the Army. As each and every media report headlines, if confirmed, Fanning would be the first openly homosexual military Service Secretary (not counting his own stint as the acting Secretary of the Air Force in 2013).

With even some homosexual activists concerned that Fanning’s sexuality is leading the news, others have wondered aloud if Obama’s choice was an indication he was more focused on making an impact on military culture and life than promoting military effectiveness. From the Christian Science Monitor:

Obama critics framed Fanning’s nomination as evidence of a key flaw of the President’s military policy – focusing on identity sensitivities while military threats brew around the world, particularly from ISIS.

“Hopefully [Fanning’s nomination] will distract people from the fact that we’re losing the war,” wrote University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds on his conservative InstaPundit blog.

The emphasis on style seems to be furthered by an “anonymous administration official”, who focused on sexuality in the Read more