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Mikey Weinstein: Court Martial the entire Military in Colorado Springs?

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein recently demanded the court-martial of US troops who attended an awards event hosted by the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, a coalition of chaplain endorsers. The reason Weinstein demanded their court-martial was his bigotry toward the Christian beliefs espoused by the chaplain groups represented. Weinstein essentially admitted as much when he hatefully caricatured and lambasted those Christian beliefs in his attack.

But since “Mikey Doesn’t Like Christians” isn’t actionable by the military, he tried to use an old technique that unintentionally won him a battle many years ago: He claimed the service members violated regulations by “endorsing” the chaplains by virtue of their presence at the event in uniform.

The Air Force rebuffed that claim, and there is no evidence any Read more

Mikey Weinstein: A Bitter, Harsh, Left-Wing Version of Donald Trump

Believe it or not, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has been immortalized in theatre. In 2008, Steve Cosson wrote “This Beautiful City,” a play about Colorado Springs and the Evangelical community. Mikey Weinstein is portrayed¬†in that play, and he’s touted it whenever its been in production.

The American Theater Company’s Youth Ensemble put it on this summer in Chicago. As part of their experience, they visited Colorado Springs and saw New Life Church, which also plays a prominent role in the play, and they met Mikey Weinstein.

While Weinstein was probably holding out for Bruce Willis, he was played instead by ATC actor Max Dizon:

dizon1In an August interview with the cast, Dizon explained what it was like to meet the man he was portraying [emphasis added]:  Read more