Pagan US Soldiers Discharged over White Supremacy

Brandon Trent East of the Alabama National Guard and Dalton Woodward of the Georgia National Guard were recently discharged over their connections to white supremacist groups.

Oddly, they were both supposedly pagans — and white supremacists:

Earlier in 2019, the Atlanta Antifacists group published a report saying East and Woodward were leaders of the Norse pagan group Ravensblood Kindred. The group is part of the Asatru Folk Assembly, which researchers say endorses white supremacy.

East said he had just been looking for an alternative to Christianity: 

The whole race thing started with me finding Asatru or Odinism or whatever you want to call it and seeing that as a better option than Christianity as a spirituality.

SFC Benjamin Hopper — in the news recently for being allowed to wear a “pagan beard” — actually had to respond to media inquiries to confirm he was not, in fact, a white supremacist just because he was a pagan.

So, some pagans in the US military believed their religion endorsed the supremacy of their skin color.

A few Muslims in the US military were driven by their religion to attack their fellow troops.

And yet, when it comes to religion in the US military, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein thinks raccoons in Santa hats and “Jesus candy” are the problem. Naturally.