Mikey Weinstein Shoots the Moon for Ebenezer Award

Ladies and gentlemen, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has officially jumped the shark.

The man who has no depth to which he will not stoop in his attacks against Christians and their faith has finally swung the final blow:

He’s come out against Santa Claus, ya’ll.

The Fort Belvoir commissary had a blow up Santa standing next to a sign and a raccoon wearing a hat, as provided by an MRFF picture published at FoxNews:

At first, Weinstein said he was ok with the jolly old fellow:

We never attack Santa Claus, we know that Santa Claus is a secular figure.

He also said he had no problem with the sign Santa was holding:

…the sign in front of where Santa is standing, ‘God Bless America.’ That’s wonderful. It’s great. People say it all the time.

So what’s the problem? The raccoon?

Apparently, when Santa Claus stands next to the sign, then the US military is requiring all US troops to worship Jesus.

Because, well, only a moron would think that.

“Almost all the complainants—like the lead one that came to us on this— have been through mandatory situations where they’ve been forced to engage in blessing for Jesus Christ,” [Weinstein] added. “It’s always one faith, always it’s Christianity.”

Speaking of morons, Weinstein’s habit of publishing his responses to hate mail may have bitten him (again) as he did attack secular-Santa Claus in general, in an ellipses-riddled, spittle-flinging tirade against a critic [emphasis added]:

….and there are MILLIONS of kids who are repulsed and excluded when they see Santa….how wretchedly callous and cavalier and arrogant of you, jack!!??….good luck with your “angels”…I’ll stick with the Constitution…that’s positive enough for me and many others to “believe in”, chump….and don’t YOU EVER tell ME to “think”……I doubt you’ve done it in decades if EVER!!!…..

Mikey: “Don’t tell me to think.” That’s classic. It might even make the Christmas letter this year.

It doesn’t appear Weinstein has been in the running for religious liberty groups’ Ebenezer/Scrooge/Grinch awards the past couple of years, so maybe this was Mikey’s big nomination push. Maybe this will be the year for the Burgermeister Meisterburger award.

He’s a shoo-in.