Army Chaplain Endorses Mikey Weinstein’s MRFF

Remember Glenn Palmer, the US Army Chaplain School chaplain who did the invocation at their Gay Pride run? He recently sent Michael “Mikey” Weinstein an email (for publication) endorsing his cause. Noting he is a “mentor” for progressive chaplains, Palmer said

We all respect the Mission and work of the MRFF and support an inclusive and expansive approach to the Constitutional right to the Free Exercise of Religion for ALL…You sir and the MRFF help protect, support and ensure the continuation, legally and constitutionally, of the Chaplain Corps.

I am a proud member and supporter of MRFF!!

Palmer’s letter also noted the ‘rise’ of progressive chaplains in the US military, which is to be expected when you note ‘progressive’ chaplains are being actively recruited by the US military because they are “LGBT-friendly”. He notes, for example, that 10 students of his chaplain course attended the run — though he was the only “one of 50 chaplains on post” to attend.  (The fact he was their superior officer certainly had nothing to do with his subordinate students attending, did it…?)

Were Chaplain Palmer a more ‘conservative’ chaplain endorsing, say, the Alliance Defending Freedom or First Liberty, Mikey Weinstein would have issued a spittle-flinging rant of a press release claiming Palmer had violated the US Constitution and his oath as an officer because US military officers aren’t supposed to use their name, rank, and military status to endorse non-Federal entities, as Palmer just did.

But Mikey Weinstein interprets the rules to his benefit, so he’s happy to publish this active duty officer’s endorsement of his “charity.”

For his part, since Palmer is the chaplain of the Army’s Chaplain School, he sets an example for chaplain candidates in the school, and he has influence over them.  His chain of command probably needs to counsel him on appropriate conduct as an officer, which he hasn’t shown here.

That said, Chaplain Palmer is free to believe what he does, and he won’t see anyone trying to get the military to take away his right to either have those beliefs or express them.

What’s disappointing is he supports and openly endorses, as a military chaplain, an organization that explicitly attempts to restrict the rights of his fellow US service members — chaplains and troops — to serve with and express their religious beliefs.  This, despite the fact he claims he supports the “right to the Free Exercise of Religion for ALL.”

If only “progressive” chaplains were more tolerant…and consistent.