June was Gay Pride Month. Sort of.

This year the homosexual movement didn’t bother berating President Trump for failing to publish a proclamation about homosexual pride in June. (They did take President Trump to task for his explanation early in June that transgenders require “massive amounts of drugs” and therefore can’t serve in the military — which can be true. As has been noted here before, were any other service member to take the amount of hormones some “transgender” people do, they’d be discharged.)

Even without the announcement, a few military facilities continued to “celebrate” the Stonewall Riots (a violent riot that endangered first responders) as well as their favored sexual practices.

Fort Drum, notably, rewrote that Stonewall history to assert homosexuals were the victims, calling it an “uprising” rather than a “riot” and saying it

was in response to police harassment, of violence and persecution toward members of the gay community, and it marked a pivotal moment in history where they would no longer quietly endure prejudice…

Just so you understand, that’s the US Army saying violence against the police is honorable if it’s so you don’t have to “endure prejudice.”

The Navy tends to lead the way in sexual celebrations, stereotypes notwithstanding, and did so again this year with its “Pride Month Observance” events held at the Washington Navy Yard, Pennsylvania, and in Japan, and in the Middle East on the USS Harpers Ferry and USS Boxer, on the USS Kearsarge, and on the US Naval aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

In an awkward set of photos (one of which is above), the US Army Chaplain School highlighted its participation the local gay pride “Rainbow/Pride 5k”, including the invocation by school Chaplain (LtCol) Glenn Palmer. As might be expected, the Facebook posts generated a substantial amount of pushback in the comments from those who noted the celebration of sin was inconsistent with the beliefs of the vast majority of chaplains and US troops. While there are some chaplains and Protestant denominations that “celebrate” homosexuality, those that do not are not similarly honored and are, in fact, often stigmatized.  To wit, you will not find a Facebook post from the Chaplain School covering chaplains who celebrate God’s empowerment of victory over the sin of the homosexual lifestyle.

Fort Carson walked a fine line — or may have crossed it — by having a transgender Army officer speak and, in a subtle way, criticize his commander-in-chief. Transgender Army Capt Alivia Stehlik is quoted [emphasis added]:

“Pride is not just a celebration. It’s a battle cry,” she told the soldiers and their supporters. “It’s a reminder of the struggle in which we are still involved — the struggle for all people to be treated equally by the law, with consequences based on our actions, not our personhood.”

Stehlik said she told her son, “I’m not doing this work for me. I’m doing this work for you, and for your friends, and for our country. Because one day, when you’re older, some of your friends are going to want to join the military. And some of them will be gay. Some of them will be lesbian. Some of them will be bisexual. Some of them will be words we don’t even have yet. Some of them will be transgender. I’m doing this so that when that time comes, they will be allowed to join.”

“This” is apparently opposing his commander-in-chief’s legitimately instituted policies. You can be certain had anyone stood up and criticized the President at an official military “celebration” of anything other than socially promoted sexual activity, there would be consternation and repercussions.

The Missouri National Guard went out of its way to recruit at Kansas City’s “Pride Festival,” because apparently the National Guard specifically wants people who have homosexual sex?

[Update: The Tennessee Air National Guard held an event late in the month, and the Air Force eventually published a personal interest story a few weeks late.]

Interestingly, the “gay pride” movement appears to have ignored the case of A1C Jordan Hickman, convicted at court martial this month of sexually assaulting a fellow Airman (and stealing his PlayStation). The lack of attention on homosexual assaults in the military probably comes from the same place as those who attack the Catholic Church for pedophile priests — while simultaneously downplaying the fact it was, by a very large margin, homosexual pedophilia.

It’s an “inconvenient” truth. But Truth is the one consistent response to sin, regardless of society’s preferences or our personal motivations or desires.

Unfortunately, some have exchanged the Truth for a lie, and society — and, at times, the US military — appear happy to encourage that lie.