Report: US Army General Opposes President Trump as Uniformed Troops March in Protest

San Diego recently held its annual “Pride” Parade celebrating variations of sexuality — the same one then-Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning rode in as Grand Marshal in 2016. As then, uniformed military members played a prominent role [emphasis added]:

To show opposition to the Trump Administration’s ban on transgender troops, this year’s military contingent decided to have active-duty trans service members march at the front of the parade.

“I am a transgender sailor myself,” said Elijah Riddle, who currently serves in the U.S. Navy.

Let’s see: Participating in a political protest in uniform, and explicitly opposing the Commander-in-Chief while actively serving in the US military.

How many rules does that break? Apparently none, so long as you’re not heterosexual.

It also seems they have top-cover, as the local parade organizers called out their support from the California National Guard [emphasis added]:

Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers has been quite vocal about supporting our trans community and service members in direct opposition to Trump’s anti-trans military ban.

No wonder enlisted troops feel comfortable opposing the Commander-in-Chief. As characterized by parade organizers, MajGen Beevers is leading by example.  By contrast, when another General — LtGen Benjamin Mixon — expressed his ideas on the opposite side of the spectrum a few years ago, he was publicly sanctioned.  Note the continuing trend that statements or actions supporting homosexuality are permitted (even before repeal occurred), but any that oppose it — even if they are based in the exercise of religion — are criticized or punished. This occurs even though the same rules are supposed to govern both, and even though religious exercise is protected by the US Constitution, while sexual behaviors are not.

The context of the praise for Gen Beevers was his support of a flyby. The sexuality parade apparently merited a fly over of four F-15s from the CA Guard’s 144th Fighter Wing. Because, well, who knows why?  That said, it is likely Air Force fighter pilots, referencing some long-running legends, would consider an F-15 Eagle flyover of homosexuality…expected.

Image via the local San Diego news.


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  • Possibly this is the way of the world/military today. However, if I were CnC, Beevers would be demoted and in charge of a lonely file folder in a small room somewhere. At least until he could pay the taxpayers back for the cost of the flyover