US Embassies Can’t Celebrate Gay Pride while US Air Force Flies GayWACS

There’s been much ado about the fact the State Department declined to authorize US embassies to fly “gay pride” rainbow flags from the main embassy flagpoles. (The wailing and gnashing of teeth failed to acknowledge the “ban” only applied to flagpoles, and such flags or other similar decorations were allowed to be flown elsewhere. In fact, one report seemed to think the continued displays were “defiance”, when Vice President Pence explicitly stated no other restrictions were placed on the display of “pride”.) President Obama had begun declaring June “gay pride month,” a “celebration” that has largely fallen silent under President Trump.

US Rep Ilhan Oman even claimed the denial was “bigotry and discrimination” by the Trump administration — strong words, given the traditional treatment of homosexuals by her Islamic faith.

And while the US State Department would not allow “gay pride” to join the US flag around the world, a US Air Force AWACS crew decided they’d advertise on the flight line of in a deployed location:

“On our deployment earlier this year, we had some great LGBTQ representation on our AWACS combat aircrews and decided to get permission from PA to take a photo on the flightline. To our knowledge this is the first AWACS LGBTQ flightline photo in existence! And we hope to see more on MMAA from other platforms and organizations.” — MMAA member John Ritter. #PrideMonth — with John Ritter.

It was SSgt John Ritter, on the right, who described it as the “GAYwacs style“:

Happy Pride Month! #GAYwacs style
-FYI this is the first ever recorded LGBTQ AWACS photo in history!

Previous attempts to fly “gay pride” flags in deployed locations were apparently “unauthorized.”

Just think about the toddler-sized Michael “Mikey” Weinstein tantrum that would be thrown were US embassies complaining they couldn’t fly a Christian flag, or if an aircrew posed in front of a US military aircraft with a Christian flag. Yet for some reason, a US Air Force aircrew proclaiming the “GAYwacs” — with its interesting emphasis on the “gay” — is kosher.

The interesting thing, of course, is that Christians want people to know their faith because they want to share it with them. Christianity is inherently evangelical, wanting others to join and come to know the love of Christ.

Why is it, again, that some homosexuals want everyone to know about their sex life…?


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  • Most LGBTQers do their thing to get attention.

    Would any of us want to serve with LGBTQers in combat? Their focus may be on something other than destroying the Enemy.

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