Military Investigating Afghan Gay Pride Flag

According to FoxNews, the US military is investigating allegations a US servicemember erected a “gay pride” flag on a tent pole on an American outpost in Afghanistan.

“We are aware of the photo of the gay pride flag being flown by U.S. service members and we are investigating,” a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force told Fox News.

Hidden in some internet comments was another interesting piece of information on the military environment in the post-DADT world.  A military officer wrote: 

I just sent a kid home from a sister Company to receive a trial by Courts Martial for being a homosexual predator and sexually harassing and assaulting [servicemembers] in his squad.

In the world under DADT, it is likely most such incidents were ended by an honorable discharge of the homosexual servicemember. Since that is no longer an option, the servicemember may face a far more severe punishment.