California Designates LGBTQ Veterans Memorial

The Sacramento Bee reported that the local community of Cathedral City, California, dedicated the nation’s first “LGBTQ Veterans Memorial” at the end of April:

“It’s kind of a holy place. This is a place to pray for people who died in wars,” Tom Swann Hernandez of Cathedral City told The Sacramento Bee on Tuesday. The gay Marine veteran has been at the forefront of the state designation effort for nearly two decades.

This was the ceremonial designation; the legal designation was noted here last fall.

The short version is if you build a war memorial shaped like a cross, hate-filled fellow Americans will demand it be torn down because it does not represent “all veterans.” But, if you build a war memorial solely to remember people who like to have sex a certain way, it will be celebrated.

Welcome to the modern morality of California and “progressive” America.