Homosexual War Memorial Stands while Cross Cannot

According to the homosexual website the Advocate, California has become the first state to have a homosexual war memorial [emphasis added]:

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill Monday designating the LGBTQ Veterans Memorial at the Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City as the state’s official LGBTQ veterans memorial

It consists of an obelisk of mahogany granite from South Dakota with the logo of the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Veterans of America (the group is now known as American Veterans for Equal Rights).

So let’s get this straight (no pun intended):

If a town raises a monument with the names of all of its war dead and uses a cross, said town will be sued all the way to the Supreme Court with demands the monument be destroyed or have the cross-bar cut off so it no longer looks like a cross. The reason? A group of atheists will claim the shape does not represent “all” it was supposed to memorialize. (That’s the Bladensburg Peace Cross, among others, if you haven’t been keeping up.)  The memorial cannot even have had a Christian symbol on it — in the past.  That’s Boone County, by the way.

But if a State designates a war memorial for only those who had sexual relations in a certain manner — complete with symbology to that effect — that’s ok.

This world is not my home