Mikey Weinstein Backpedals on Questionable Court Claims

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, who technically runs a “charity”, is doing his normal year-end push for donations, apparently to make sure he can maintain his multi-million dollar lifestyle. Notably, however, he’s finally softened one of his annual claims.

Weinstein has routinely claimed he fights against religious freedom “in the courts”, yet he hasn’t filed a lawsuit or even seen the inside of a court room in years. That led to this article, noting that Weinstein may actually have been using a fraudulent claim to solicit donations when he said he needed money to “continue his fight in the courts” [emphasis added]: 

Your completely tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue our fight in the courts

Obviously, there have been no MRFF court fights at all in years.

This year, Weinstein finally stopped saying he was ‘fighting in the courts’ — now he says he needs money to fight “in the media” but will only go to court “if necessary”:

In order for MRFF to continue our tenacious civil-rights [sic] fight in the media, up through highest [sic] levels of the command ranks of the Department of Defense, and, [sic] if necessary, in the U.S. Federal Court System [sic], please make a 100% tax deductible donation…

Mikey Weinstein found out years ago that lawsuits can be very, very expensive — and he never won a case on “religious freedom,” nor did he ever file an appeal for his losses. This damaged what little credibility he may have had, and it drained the resources he could otherwise have used for his own personal benefit. In the ensuing years, he’s simply been saying he’d go to court while not actually doing so — making the most expensive thing his “charity” does is not go to court, but rather pay its sole employee, Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein.

Rather than pay the costs associated with a court “fight,” Weinstein now says he’ll just pay the costs with a fight in the “media,” which probably includes little more than his phone bill, his internet connection, and his massive salary.

It seems Mikey Weinstein found it wasn’t “necessary” to go to court to formalize the losses he suffered and officially register the error and bigotry of his claims.

For Mikey Weinstein, it’s cheaper — and more lucrative — to do nothing more than talk a big game.


One comment

  • Mikey is a leech for sure, but it takes a host—witting or not—for the leech to survive. Mikey has had the advantage of leeching an army of fellow bigots to “fight” in the media. He was good at nothing else his entire professional life until leech-work came along. Now he’s “successful.” Too bad for God and Country.