Mikey Weinstein Begs for Donations to Support Invisible Court Battles

From Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, speaking for his MRFF:

Your completely tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue our fight in the courts…

“Continue?” The MRFF hasn’t initiated a “fight in the courts” since their last lawsuit was tossed out in 2011. [Clarification: Weinstein did file a FOIA lawsuit against the US Air Force and the Air Force Academy in November 2015.] But Weinstein has been continuously begging for “tax-deductible donations” in the five years since, claiming he needs support to continue his “fight in the courts.” In that time, his MRFF has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars without initiating a single “fight” in the courts — despite his repeated quips that the US military would have to “tell it to the judge.”  Notably, in addition to those hundreds of thousands in outflow (not apparently in the courts), Mikey Weinstein has also managed to pay himself $1.95 million from donations since he founded his “charity.”

Why is Mikey Weinstein saying his donors are funding his court battles, when the MRFF hasn’t started any court battles in years? Some might say that soliciting donations for one purpose and then spending them on something else is a bit dishonest.

But maybe Weinstein is telling the truth, in a roundabout, non-transparent way.

You see, while he hasn’t started a quixotic lawsuit against his Christian bogeymen in years, Mikey Weinstein has been on the receiving end of a lawsuit (singular) — one filed by former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt.  Weinstein, his wife Bonnie, and his MRFF were all defendants — and Weinstein reportedly had as many as three lawyers working the case.  (Chris Rodda was also mentioned in the suit, but wasn’t party to it.)

So the MRFF may yet have a “fight in the courts” — it’s just not the fight most people probably think of.  It has nothing to do with the religious liberty of US troops, or any other ostensible mission of the MRFF.  It has everything to do with whether Mikey Weinstein was so eager to denigrate Christianity that he defamed someone in the process.  (Weinstein is alleged to have said Gordon Klingenschmitt incited people to vandalize Weinstein’s home — when the alleged “incitement” occurred after the vandalism.)

Incidentally, before the 2011 dismissal of his last case, Mikey Weinstein wasn’t just losing the “fight,” he was getting slaughtered. Weinstein has lost every single lawsuit he’s filed against the military.  (He also lost the civil suit he filed against Gordon Klingenschmitt — the case that led to Mikey Weinstein’s own status as a defendant.)

Weinstein’s cases were apparently so weak they didn’t even survive to trial; each was dismissed in turn.  And, despite repeated and strongly worded claims he would file an “aggressive” appeal, Weinstein didn’t appeal a single case, leaving his low-ranking enlisted US troops who served as his pawns flapping in the breeze. It’s almost as if Weinstein knew his case had no merit.

Maybe that’s why he stopped filing lawsuits — Mikey Weinstein’s incompetence in lawsuits was wasting money, and that money could be better spent doing…something, but nobody really knows what.  All Weinstein seems to do now is talk, and talk is cheap — unless you’re the highly-paid president of a “charity” you founded and from which you pay your own salary.

All anyone knows right now is Weinstein has said the MRFF’s money is going to help him “continue his fight in the courts.”

It seems it was Mikey Weinstein’s turn to “tell it to the judge.”


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