Boone County War Memorial with Hidden Ichthus Finally Moved

A war memorial dedicated to two Boone County Soldiers killed 25 years ago in Operation Desert Storm irked the American Atheists and the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State because it originally had an ichthus at the base.

The monument was in a park with similar monuments dedicated to county residents who had died in previous wars.

The County eventually covered the ichthus with a plaque. The families of the two men ultimately agreed to leave the symbol covered, but even that wasn’t good enough for the atheist opposition.  After deciding last fall to move the memorial — which the families had opposed — it was finally moved last week.

The Connors and Farnens agreed to keep the ichthus covered but asked that the memorial remain on the courthouse grounds. Commissioners said the memorial would continue to be a source of division if it were not moved.

The County paid to have another monument built to replace it that had never been besmirched by a Christian symbol, though the County, AA, and AU may not know if the memorial has been prayed over.

In other words, atheist agitators were so offended by a covered ichthus they continued to be “divisive” until the monument with the obscured symbol was moved.

That’s the modern version of “tolerance,” apparently.