LGBT Community Cedes June as US Military Pride Month

Last year there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the homosexual community over whether President Trump would proclaim June to be “LGBT Pride month.” This angst included LGBT activists associated with the military. Ultimately, President Trump never made the proclamation last year, but the US Navy got out in front of him and celebrated sexual “pride” anyway.

This year, there was little fanfare as June began. It appears the homosexual community was resigned to President Trump not issuing a proclamation, and they didn’t bother to make a big deal of it.

The military leadership, for its part, “distanced” itself from the “pride” month.

Even the DEOMI, which puts out the “special observance” posters to mark the “diversity” celebrations, has yet to publish anything this year (though they were admittedly late last year, also).

[Update: The Navy was almost the sole service publicly celebrating sexuality this year (with a chaplain, even), as though the Army and Air Force had a couple.]

The Navy, for its part, still kept its role as LGBT advocate even in the absence of its Commander in Chief, with an announcement that Sailors would be celebrating homosexuality even if the rest of the US military didn’t:

In accordance with ALNAV 007/18, Navy commands are encouraged to participate in LGBT Pride Month…

When was the last time the US Navy encouraged Navy commands to “participate in” the exercise or celebration of religious freedom?

And the New Jersey National Guard vaunted its homosexual fun run, claiming “The Defense Department is observing June as LGBT Pride Month…” despite no official statement by the DoD (or its CINC) to that effect. Because nothing says “military superpower” like public celebrations of preferred methods of sexual practices:

By contrast, did anybody catch the US military’s celebration of religious freedom this year? President Trump did make that proclamation, though it seems few noticed.