US Navy Gets Out in Front of President Trump

Update: After outcries of persecution due to President Trump’s silence, the acting Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel Anthony M. Kurta issued a DoD gay pride month celebration announcement.  Ironically, this contradicts information posted on the DEOMI website, which indicates the observance is “established by Presidential Proclamation” — which means the DoD is “celebrating” something that does not (yet) exist this year.

The US Navy got out in front of its own commander Wednesday when it issued a press release celebrating homosexuality for the month of June — something the Commander in Chief, President Donald Trump, has yet to do:

The Navy joins the nation in recognizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month throughout June…

“The Navy needs men and women who are the right fit for the right job regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, creed or gender identity,” said Capt. Candace Eckert, Special Assistant for Inclusion and Diversity.

Notice Capt Eckert didn’t include “religion” — but she did include three different variations of sex. That’s “diversity” in the Navy, it seems.

President Trump has yet to have his nominee for Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, confirmed. Obama’s head of the Navy Secretary Ray Mabus — who practically defined his legacy by homosexuality in the Navy — resigned in January. Currently, the Navy is headed by career civil servants who essentially carry on the status quo.

Somewhat ironically, the Navy article linked to the DEOMI page that still has the LGBT Pride month materials from 2016 — because the DoD hasn’t produced any for 2017 yet.

No word yet from the Air Force or Army, nor from the White House itself.



  • The Navy needs men and women who are the right fit for the right job regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, creed


    • Steven Schwartz

      Yes, well, since the original poster can’t count to three (sexual orientation isn’t a “variation” of sex), we can’t also expect them to recognize synonyms, can we?

    • Rest assured, the word choice was quite intentional — and knowing.

    • Well, Mr. Schwartz, the word ‘sex’ does not always and only apply to sexual activity. There are those who understood what the writer meant. And there are those who will focus on any ambiguous word or term instead of the gist.
      Typical liberal it would seem, splitting hairs!

  • Anonymous Patriot

    I just hope Robert Spencer is better than Ray “ButtHole” Mabus. I have read the comments, and it turns out that Mabus was one of the most hated SecNavs in recent memory. For forcing SJW-isms onto the Navy, for attempting to divert funds away from needed platforms, for attacking the integrity of Marine researchers, and for attempting to remove ratings; I dare say that only LGBT sailors will miss him.