Top Ten Military Christian Stories for 2017

The year 2017 was, once again, much lower on the scale with regard to headlining issues of religious liberty and the US military — to a degree.

Over at the left-leaning Baptist Joint Committee, the only military related story listed by Don Byrd was the Bladensburg cross.  However, several others deal with religious freedom that does still affect the military, like Masterpiece Cakeshop, and Senators “cross[ing] the line” in questioning political nominees about their religious beliefs.

Howard Friedman of the objective Religion Clause listed transgenders in the military as one of the top stories of the year, which many would (incorrectly) argue isn’t actually a “religious” issue. He also listed Masterpiece Cakeshop as a lead story.

As for, the following articles were the most-read for 2017:

  1. Report: BGen Kristin Goodwin Newest USAFA Commandant, First Homosexual
  2. Homosexual Activists Target Army Secretary Nominee Mark Green. Because He’s Christian.
  3. Air Force Fires Col Leland Bohannon for Not Affirming Homosexual Marriage
  4. BGen Kristin Goodwin and the USAFA Honor Code
  5. BGen Kristin Goodwin Public Statement on Sexuality
  6. Air Force Colonel Michael Madrid Punished for Religious Expression
  7. “Breaking”: Mikey Weinstein and the USAFA Commandant’s Homosexuality
  8. Chaplain Sonny Hernandez Criticized for Column on Religious Freedom
  9. US Military Continues to Ignore Mikey Weinstein, Lessons Learned
  10. Cadet Cole Manders: I’m Successful Because I’m Gay

Notice a common theme?  It would seem that 2017 was a banner year for the conflict between “erotic liberty” and religious liberty.

With Masterpiece Cakeshop in the wings at the Supreme Court and anti-Christian aggression in the culture — particularly in the LGBT community — seemingly increasing, 2018 may yet be more so.