Report: BGen Kristin Goodwin Newest USAFA Commandant, First Homosexual

UPDATE: Now covered at LifeSite news, with commentary by USAFA graduate and former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt.

UPDATE: Now covered at the Air Force Times, War is Boring, and by the US Air Force Academy.

The Colorado Springs Independent has reported [updated link] the US Air Force Academy announced BGen(S) Kristin Goodwin would be the incoming Commandant of Cadets, replacing BGen Stephen Williams.

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein found out about it and was miffed at USAFA for not making a bigger deal about it, and he said he was “thrilled” — all because Col Goodwin is a homosexual.

Col Goodwin has been in the news for years, and it has been widely reported that she has a “wife and two children”.  She would be only the second female USAFA Commandant.  Col Goodwin is a B-2/B-52 pilot and has been a wing commander — where her somewhat unique take on unit priorities was “people, mission, pride“.  She is also a USAFA ’93 graduate.

To their credit, USAFA reportedly made the announcement without mentioning her sexual practices — a fairly rare occurrence and one sure to be “corrected” once the news hits the mainstream press.

Col Goodwin’s promotion to Brigadier General (a prerequisite for the position) was only announced last week, as well, and her formal selection to the Commandant position has not yet been officially publicized.



  • Well, there goes the neighborhood as they say!

    • Yes “they” do indeed say that. Maybe do some research on where that phrase actually comes from..

  • robert g zepeck 65

    Another step into Hell for USAFA. HIghlighting someones sexual proclivities and preferences and somehow relating this to her abilities to perform her duties is disgraceful. The world is laughing at us. Trumpeting her sexual behavior ? For what reason? Does being homosexual make her a better leader? This quota mindset and libtard mindset must stop. USAFA is not, in the words of one of my classmates, a military school anymore.

  • I am sure the liberal media will soon express her sexual preferences especially the Colorado Independent which has a love affair with Mikey Weinstein. If anything will embolden our enemies, especially of Muslim nature, this will, and we will become the laughing stock of the nations by having a lesbian leader of a military academy! We can thank Barak Obama for most of this as he wanted to turn our educational systems and military into one huge social experiment.

    On Mikey’s own website Military Religious Freedom Foundation he is praising this move by the Air Force Academy as making progress. I commented on his website by asking him you call sinful behavior like homosexuality making progress. As someone who is “Jewish” he should know what the Old Testament says about homosexuality, but oh, he makes sures he prays three times a day like a good Jewish person should, but out of his own mouth he has said he said he is not sure if there is a god he is praying too in the first place. Mikey has no problem excoriating Christians yet all the way praising sinful behavior.

    In the end we need to pray for the salvation of both Mikey and this new gay commandant of the Air Force Academy, that they fall under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and give their lives over to Christ.

    • Your hateful and ignorant comments are the reason so many people today want nothing to do with Christianity…go away now.

  • Brig Gen select is a pretty good promotion regardless of her sexual orientation. USAF leadership obviously did not care and believed her to be honorable and well qualified for the Commandant position. I do not believe young people will/should not consider the USAF Academy as an option for them to pursue if the opportunity arises, regardless of what other people think of feel about her sexual preference. A free college education and a chance to serve ones county, even for a short commitment, is not something trivial to pass up. As JD said, Col Goodwin is a B-2/B-52 pilot and has been a wing commander, what better mentor could these students have?

    I was under the impression DADT was over with years ago and our services members are free to serve openly. Isn’t it well past time to move on for pete sake?

  • The Air Force had plenty of gay male generals who stayed in the closet because they wanted to serve. Allowing people to serve regardless of their sexual orientation was inevitable. As christians, God didn’t put us on this earth to judge our fellow man: John 8:7

    • @Nathan H
      At no time in the Bible does God command Christians to shrug their shoulders at the state of society, nor does our faith demand we stay out of the political process.

  • The media reports saying she is a homosexual is exactly what makes this a failure for their cause. We shouldn’t know nor care what the sexual preference of someone in such a position is. The fact that they are singling this out just perpetulates segregation. The real win for her and for the LGBT community is if this wasn’t news because it means she’s no different than anyone else.

    Oh, and God’s not going anywhere. Muslims in Europe are converting in droves to Christianity since they can do so freely now. Oppression and persecution, what they lived under in the Middle East and what Christians are even facing here in the states is merely fuel to the fire.

    Years ago no one really talk about being a Christian. Now that it seems to be under attack, the college generation in particular is picking up on it. It’s the ultimate counter culture haha.

    • @Chris
      To be fair, the media reporting on her sexuality has been relatively benign. The Air Force Times made a single note that she had a “wife,” not much different than it would had it mentioned the family of a heterosexual Airman. The Air Force, for its part, hasn’t said anything about her sexuality.

      There are two groups making a big deal about this: Mikey Weinstein’s MRFF and homosexual advocacy groups. The MRFF views it as a stick in the eye to Christians, and homosexual advocacy groups seem more pleased that she’s homosexual than any of her other qualifications.

  • There was once a saying. Only Nixon could go to China. He was a rabid anti-commie, but made nice with the Reds. So now the bigots throw their arms around the new General. Next what? Maybe they will embrace medicare for all, climate change and taxes on the rich? Let us pray!!

  • Question, there is a line that reads, “USAFA reportedly made the announcement without mentioning her sexual practices — a fairly rare occurrence and one sure to be ‘corrected’ once the news hits the mainstream press.” I will agree that it will be ‘corrected’ once it hits the mainstream press’, but since when has mentioning sexual practices been the norm … unless caught cheating, visiting prostitutes, or being a member of the LGBT community? It is the norm to mention “married to (insert spouses name) with X number of kids, but never once have I read mention of someone being straight. I hope I’m not the first conservative Christian to congratulate BGen Goodwin on her promotion and new position. According to her bio, BGen Goodwin has had quite a career and I’m sure it will be quite a nice homecoming as she returns to her alma mater.

    • @Lee Proctor

      since when has mentioning sexual practices been the norm

      It is likely there are two contributing sources to this social norm: The homosexual community, which began trumpeting “A gay person is doing something!” a few years ago; The US government, which celebrates the “pride” of one particular kind of sexual practice every June. That’s kind of awkward, when you stop and think about it.

    • Lee,
      How can you be a conservative Christian and rejoice in a gay person in the leadership position that she is in where she can push a gay agenda, plus God does not recognize the marriage of any gay person.

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