MRFF’s Chris Rodda Uncovers Plot for Christian Takeover

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein probably doesn’t like it when his organization is associated with conspiracy theories. The problem, of course, is that Mikey Weinstein¬†believes he and he alone has the clarity of vision to see the Impending Doom to be wrought upon this great nation by Those Evil Christians, Inc. — doom that includes a “Slaughterville” for Jews that is already in the works, Weinstein says.

As such, Mikey Weinstein tends to attract like-minded disciples who think 9/11 was an inside job, KC-135s disappear to support secret nuclear strikes, and Colonel Sanders is forming a shadow triumvirate with James Dobson and Dick Cheney underground at USAFA.

Now, it seems Chris Rodda is the latest to have broken the code: 

There you have it, super secret friends. She’s discovered the plan for the “theocratic takeover,” which, of course, starts with a Bible study.¬† (You can read the subject article here, which basically mischaracterizes Ralph Drollinger’s generally commonly held Christian beliefs so they’re “bad” — without, by the way, providing any evidence to support that conclusion.)

Fortunately, Rodda hasn’t yet discovered the plan’s only true weakness: The giant bronze doors of the Museum of the Bible, which are capable of instantly auto-proselytizing everyone in a 10 mile radius, are defeated with a simple tinfoil hat.


One comment

  • Rodda is such a dweeb, she believes in all these “Christian conspiracy theories” that we want to take over the planet. No, but we do want to make disciples of Christ.