USAFA Building Secret Underground Bunker for Christians


Rick Baker, representing Michael Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation, recently expressed incredulity that the $40 million dollar “Center for Character and Leadership Development” being constructed at the US Air Force Academy was really for the stated purpose.  He thinks it is really for the forcible promotion of Christianity:

The 40,000 or so square foot subterranean building soon to be under construction  near the AFA Chapel…seems a bit over-sized for the project and more likely a place where Chrisitan  Dominionist Catachism and Doctrines might well be taught to a large captive audience…

It is hoped that under the vigilant eye of…Mikey Weinstein, that this obvious attempt to camouflage illicit Christian proselytizing will be stymied.

He’s wrong, actually.  Only one hardened room was going to be used for meetings among the triumvirate shadow American government (Dick Cheney, James Dobson, and Col Sanders).  The rest of the building was to be used for storing the bodies of aliens and Jimmy Hoffa, as well as the recipe for Bush’s baked beans.  But now that the plan has been discovered, all bets are off.

That’s the MRFF for you.  When the truth won’t do, make something up.   But put your tin foil hat on first.

One comment

  • JD – Thank you for resurrecting me from the CFP trash bin and putting my name back in circulation.

    As for the new underground proselytizing chamber at the AFA, it is actually you and your quirky ideas about it’s use, ( I really did get a belly laugh out of them) designed to ridicule my convictions for its use, that attempts to draw attention away from the most probable intentions.

    I am sure you are familiar with the term “devious.” In order to continue the on going and relentless mission of command centered and coerceive Dominion Christian proselytizing at the AFA, there has to be a great deal of camouflage and diversions in order to deflect attention from the obvious. Now I’m not saying that everything that comes down at the Academy is for the purpose of advancing militant Christianity. An excellent education can be had, great character building, human relations and leadership. Of course these attributes are often intertwined with religious emphasis under the guiding principles of senior personnel who, themselves are card carrying members of the Officer’s Christian Fellowship, a known Dominionist organization.

    But as we receive the reviews I know will be forthcoming as to its utility and if I am wrong about this Cavern of Consummate Christian Catechism I will apologize.