Mikey Weinstein Accuses Air Force JAG of Being a Christian

In a recent interview with an obscure website, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein spontaneously began a religious assessment of Air Force leadership.  He first noted that Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen David Goldfein is “ethnically Jewish.” It appears that being Jewish let Gen Goldfein off the hook, though, because Weinstein then laid into The JAG of the Air Force, LtGen Chris Burne, and his (alleged) religion:

But the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force is a three-star General named Christopher Burne who is either an Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian himself or a sympathizer. He’s the worst…TJAG that we’ve ever had, and he has a tremendous amount of sway over what happens there.

Weinstein had plenty of time to say something about the merits (or lack thereof) of these men, but chose instead to make their religion his qualification — and the target of his derision.

And Mikey Weinstein has the gall to accuse other people of being bigots.

To his credit, Weinstein didn’t simply assign Gen Burne a religion — as was his laughable practice for years. Just as badly, however, Weinstein said Gen Burne just has to be a Christian, or at least a sympathizer — because he hasn’t kowtowed to Mikey Weinstein’s demands and conspiracy theories about Christians trying to take over the world.

Now that he mentions it, however, it is an interesting observation.

LtGen Jack Rives was the TJAG until 2010.  After he retired, it was revealed LtGen Rives was actually a strong ally of Mikey Weinstein — and he explicitly endorsed Weinstein’s ideology and vendetta against Christians. Thus, LtGen Rives was the lawyer charged with defending the Air Force from Mikey Weinstein’s attacks, while agreeing with Weinstein’s ideology.  Wonder why Weinstein made such headway with the Air Force in the early years?

LtGen Rives was replaced by LtGen Richard Harding — whom Weinstein, a former Air Force Captain, derisively addressed as “Rich.” When Weinstein burned his bridge with Gen Mark Welsh in February of 2013, he was passed on to LtGen Harding — the last holdout from the previous administration that had appeared to have been so receptive to Weinstein’s demands. While there’s no indication LtGen Harding was friendly to Weinstein’s cause after that date, it is noteworthy that the highest ranking lawyer in the Air Force appeared to legitimize Weinstein by meeting with him.

By contrast, it seems that with the appointment of LtGen Burne in 2013, Weinstein essentially lost the access to Air Force leadership he’d enjoyed for the prior years.

Thus, one reason why Mikey Weinstein has been complaining to the DoD IG, rather than the Air Force.  The Air Force has simply stopped listening to him.  Amazing how that works.

Since he clearly didn’t have access to DoD leadership (and, of all people, Secretary James Mattis is likely to tell Mikey Weinstein exactly where he can stick his “advice”), it seems Mikey Weinstein has been relegated to the same access point as any other citizen, making third party complaints with the Inspector General.

Kind of sad, actually.

One final note: Mikey Weinstein has said he’s seen “almost an exact doubling of our client load” since Donald Trump was inaugurated. It’s clear he’s trying to hitch his horse to the anti-Trump movement as a public relations move — and it’s clear he’s not being forthright. Weinstein has yet to claim more than 100,000 “clients” — which he would certainly do were it remotely close. In addition, Mikey Weinstein has been impotently silent for the majority of 2017.

If there really were significant Trump-related issues, Weinstein would have had a scandal-a-day since January 20th. Rather, Weinstein has been clawing to have anyone remotely pay attention to him. In September, the scandals were so rampant, so cancerous, Weinstein could only find “uncomfortable” people to say they didn’t like it. No one even complained. Weinstein even went so far as to make a complaint about Christmas — in February. He’s had nothing to talk about — yet claims it’s been terrible under the current President.

As to Mikey Weinstein’s accusation that Gen Burne may be a Christian — or a sympathizer…

He says that like its a bad thing.