Sites Highlight Nomination of Jewish General as Chief of Staff

goldfeinA wide variety of sites, most connected in some fashion specifically to Jewish news, have highlighted the fact President Obama has nominated a Jewish General, General David Goldfein, to be the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force:

Gen. David Goldfein will become the second Jew to command the U.S. Air Force…

Goldfein, who has been the vice chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force since August, will be the first Jewish combat pilot to hold the top position, and will be the second Jewish man in the post after Norton Schwartz, who served as air force chief of staff from 2008 to 2012.

None of the publications cite any source for their knowledge of his faith. The ever-reliable Wikipedia simply says his father’s family was Jewish.

The American and military press seem to be indifferent to General Goldfein’s religious/family faith. This is notable only because of the religious “scandals” that have arisen on occasion over the past few years. This may indicate those controversies have faded from the public’s short attention span.

For Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, the change in Chief of Staff will be another opportunity for him to assert himself. Not long after General Mark Welsh took over as Chief of Staff, Weinstein tested the waters with direct email to Gen Welsh’s desk. At first, the Chief of Staff personally responded. Ultimately, though, Weinstein burned his bridge and was forced to go after lower-level commanders, with mixed success.  Weinstein was unable to duplicate the unfettered access he’d had with General Schwartz.

It can be expected that shortly after General Goldfein is confirmed (assuming he is), Mikey Weinstein will publicize some kind of demand email to him, testing to see his reaction and gauge his potential influence over him.

Gen Goldfein’s reputation is similar to Gen Welsh’s, so it will be interesting to see how he responds.

As to Weinstein’s reaction to General Goldfein’s faith — it won’t change anything. For a couple of years the Chief of Staff, Gen Norton Shwartz, and The Judge Advocate General of the Air Force, LtGen Jack Rives, were both Jewish. Weinstein claimed Schwartz repeatedly called him — and that he let the calls go to voicemail because he was “too busy” watching TV. Gen Rives eventually gave a full-throated endorsement of Weinstein’s crusade against Christians in the military.

And yet, even with those two allies at the top of the military, Mikey Weinstein still managed to claim the Air Force was trying to help Christians take over the world to re-institute a Holocaust.

Mikey Weinstein’s world is apparently full of tinfoil hats and grassy knolls.