MRFF Supporter Attacks Event for Military Kids

Many of Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s acolytes share his disdain for Christianity, attacking its presence wherever they see it because they want it removed from public view. After all, there is no greater “national security threat,” as Mikey Weinstein would say, than Christians in the military. One supporter even went so far as to go after an event for military children.

Self-styled MRFF activist “Kimmie Hart” decided to “report” to Mikey Weinstein that her local chapel at White Sands Missile Range (a US Army facility) had hosted Vacation Bible School. As has been discussed nearly annually for years, military chapels around the world host VBS, and generally do an excellent job of it and attract hundreds of kids to each chapel.

The WSMR Facebook posting was benign:

After notifying her “authorities,” Hart then went to the White Sands Facebook page and proceeded to accuse them of violating the Constitution, using typical MRFF language, absent Weinstein’s expansive library of adjectives and overuse of ellipses. Her response was anything but benign:

Kimmie Hart Why are religious activities being promoted by the military? This is weird. You people don’t follow the Constitution? Religion should not be promoted by the military

WSMR Public Affairs appears to have done the “right” thing and simply ignored her. (They had responded to another comment just prior, but didn’t respond to hers.)

Mikey Weinstein’s extremism and his attacks on Christians and military religious freedom have attracted a great many like-minded followers who share his antipathy for Christians. That something as simple as “this happened at the chapel” would generate such ignorant angst and ludicrous allegations of criminal conduct demonstrates that even his followers know Weinstein and his MRFF aren’t about protecting “military religious freedom.”

They’re on the attack, and Christians are their target.