Military Chapels Host Vacation Bible Schools

The Southern Baptist Convention has sponsored what is probably the perfect VBS theme for Air Force Chapels:

The “Amazing Wonders Aviation: Encountering God’s Awesome Power” is the theme for 2012, though, so you may have a year to wait.

This year, military congregations around the world continue to host Vacation Bible School to minister to children both in and out of the church.

The Christian congregations at US Navy Submarine Base Kings Bay hosted a VBS themed on the “Shake It Up Café, Where Children Learn to Follow God’s Recipe.”

Chapels at Randolph Air Force Base, Fort Knox, and Fort Meade held “PANDAMANIA Where God is Wild About You!”

Fort Sill hosted a VBS on “Son Harvest County Fair: Growing the Fruit of the Spirit.”

Military Christians at US Marine Corps Air Station Yuma hosted SonQuest Rainforest VBS.

In an article on VBS at Fort Knox, the local director of religious education noted the value of VBS as a continuity from one post to another:

“I’ve registered several new families (to Fort Knox). They saw the banners [advertising VBS], said, ‘I’ve been on post two days…and I want to register my child for VBS,’” said Mr. Leon. “That’s exciting. All Army installations do Vacation Bible School. It’s a tradition, so we’re linked that way.”

Military chapel congregations are often composed of people from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds.  Still, those who choose to call the Chapel their church home will find their congregation holds to many familiar traditions, even as they circle the globe at their nation’s call.

The US military values the religious freedom of its servicemembers and their families, and it takes many steps to help them find the spiritual resources and support they need to maintain their resiliency — whether that is a simple Bible in a war zone, or a VBS program at a new post.

In fact, the military will even support a request for an atheist VBS — a request made after atheists were unable to “beat” the “controversial” exercise of religious freedom by Christians in the military.