Military LGBT Activists See Ray of Hope in Anthony Kurta

President Trump recently nominated retired Rear Admiral Anthony Kurta to become the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. RAdm Kurta’s name is familiar because he’s been filling in as the Under Secretary for some time, as President Trump’s administration has been slow to fill appointee positions.

And in that nomination, LGBT activists see a ray of hope.

The office of Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness is responsible for recruiting, retention, health affairs, “quality of life”, among other colloquialisms for “people”. By virtue of a memorandum issued by then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter under President Obama, the USDPR is the office tasked with creating, managing, and overseeing the policies with regard to transgender issues.  That’s the office currently run by Kurta, and for which he is nominated to be Deputy.

Far from being behind the scenes, Anthony Kurta has been front and center on sexual issues as the face of the Department of Defense. This past June, USDPR Kurta — not the Commander-in-Chief nor SecDef Mattis — proclaimed the US military would celebrate June as LGBT “pride” month. Kurta was also a key speaker at the Pentagon’s gay pride celebration this June, along with now-retired Gen Patricia Rose.

While President Trump and Secretary Mattis have been silent, if not unsupportive, of changing sexual policies in the military, it seems one of their new Deputies will be quite the opposite. Kurta may have the opportunity to influence — or even establish — policies regarding homosexuality and transgenders in the military. If he does, it seems likely LGBT activists like Ashley Broadway-Mack’s AMPA will have a new reason to celebrate.

Anthony Kurta and his nomination have already been criticized as the promotion of an “Obama holdover” who is “in league” with homosexuals. That said, it seems unlikely there will be much organized or public opposition to his confirmation.  Despite caricatures to the contrary, an LGBT-movement’s criticism of a Christian in government is far more likely to succeed than a Christian’s criticism of an LGBT in government.  The result has been the rise of a manufactured “erotic liberty” at the expense of an actual human liberty: religious freedom.

Interesting contrast, isn’t it, with the failed nomination of Mark Green? Seems like some portions of society have bigger — or perhaps just louder — voices than others.  Yet even with their greater influence, they’ve managed to convince society they’re the “victims.”  A cynical person might think that was all part of the plan.

With reference to OneNewsNow.


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  • Anonymous Imperial Patriot

    Trump has been slipping too much in recent weeks, I’ll admit.

    America’s Schutzstaffel (LGBTs) shouldn’t have this amount of influence in society.