Highest Ranking Gay General Patricia Rose Retires

US Air Force MajGen Patricia Rose spoke at the Pentagon “gay pride” event on June 12th, and she announced her retirement from active service at the same time.  You can watch the DoD video here.

The move is significant because she has been vaunted as the “highest ranking openly LGBT service member in the US military,” with the emphasis on “openly,” because at least one other homosexual General officer is of higher rank but not (technically) “out.” Her presence — in uniform — at events sponsored by homosexual activists (essentially lobbyists using uniformed troops as props) has been a conundrum for those with principle who castigated service members for attending ideological events in uniform.

In an interesting revelation, within her speech Gen Rose seemed to admit violating her integrity as she served the US Air Force — whose first core value is “Integrity First” — because she chose to serve in the military for decades even while such service was a violation of the law.  Regarding the repeal of DADT (she doesn’t mention the law), Gen Rose said [emphasis added]:

it was a different world entirely for those of us who no longer had to live under that shadow, and lie by omission if we wanted to serve, suffering thousands of cuts to our integrity each and every day.

It almost seems as if some people think lying was, or has become, “noble.”

And as if to indicate what she “really” thinks, on the very day of her speech Gen Rose’s Facebook page became adorned with anti-Trump memes and quotes critical of those with different ideas about the US government or military “celebrating” certain types of sexual behavior.

Gen Rose spoke highly of “diversity” in her speech.  Most people would say diversity includes that of thought or religious belief.

‘Diversity is the strength of our military, as long as I’m not offended by your diversity…’



  • Michael Martin

    Glad she’s retiring, but other homosexuals are in the pipeline to replace her. We now have a lesbian, promoting her lifestyle, as Commandant of Cadets at the AF Academy. As an Academy graduate, I am ashamed of what that once proud institution has become.

    Of all the military branches, the leaders of our AF are the most obsequious in this politically correct world we now live in. The “Bring Me Men” sign was torn down quite some time ago. To reflect current reality, it should be replaced by “Bring Me Sycophants.”

  • Michael Martin

    All of this propaganda about “diversity” being the strength of our military is nonsense. “Diversity” is actually “Divide and Conquer” under a politically correct name; to promote it as a strength is sheer stupidity.

    We are supposed to be the United States of America, but under this pernicious banner of “diversity,” we are increasingly becoming the Divided States of America. This is going to kill us—but, hey, that’s what our detractors and enemies want.