Col Kristin Goodwin to Assume Command of USAFA Cadet Wing

A terse US Air Force Academy press release notes Col Kristin Goodwin will be promoted to Brigadier General on 12 May and assume command of the USAFA cadet wing on Monday, 15 May.

Goodwin will command the 4,000-member cadet wing and a staff of more than 300 Airmen and civilians who manage cadets’ military training, logistics and facilities and daily activities, including participation in the Academy’s Airmanship Programs.

The Senate approved Goodwin’s nomination by the president for promotion and to assume command of the cadet wing, according to an April news release from the Defense Department.

Col Goodwin’s selection had been celebrated by the homosexual community and also Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, who appears to have viewed it as a coup in his self-declared war against USAFA.

While previous USAFA leadership have had an adversarial relationship with Weinstein — despite efforts to the contrary — Col Goodwin has already appeared to have a very close relationship with Mikey Weinstein’s MRFF, which has twice made statements to the Air Force on Col Goodwin’s behalf.


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