Col Kristin Goodwin Issues Second Statement Through MRFF

A couple of weeks ago, US Air Force BGen(S) Kristin Goodwin, the soon-to-be Commandant of Cadets at the US Air Force Academy, apparently issued a public statement through Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s “charity,” the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

More recently, Col Goodwin sent a message to the Department of Defense Inspector General — not through internal DoD channels, but through Weinstein’s MRFF. Regarding complaints filed by the MRFF against US troops, the MRFF’s civilian lawyers spoke again for Col Goodwin when they told the IG [italics original]

Brig Gen (Sel) Goodwin is not a client of MRFF… She, however, has relayed to the MRFF that she remains amenable to being interviewed by your investigators.

Interesting dynamics at play.

A few years ago, Mikey Weinstein claimed he had a “bat signal” connection with USAFA that allowed him privileged access to its leadership, presumably allowing him unusual influence over internal USAFA affairs. He subsequently lost that access when he wore out the goodwill of USAFA leadership — because of his incessant attacks on religious liberty.  It was a bridge he burned with fervor.

It would seem another bridge has been built, early.


  • In ways Goodwin could not have predicted, she has become a tool of MRFF, most likely against her will. Best I can tell, she has seldom (if ever) promoted herself as an activist but has instead lived her life and led her Airmen as best she knew how.

    She also hasn’t done much (if anything) to hide her lifestyle choices (about which many will strongly disagree), but I’m sure she’d much rather be known as the commandant rather than the gay commandant. MRFF’s insistence on the latter (not CFP’s) has made this a distraction for her and USAFA. Yet another example of the undeniable reality that Weinstein’s main cause is promoting Weinstein at any cost. If you can get the DoD IG to be part of your staff and the AF Times to be your press desk, why not?

    My guess is she’s having to play MRFF’s game for the sole purpose of answering the question on the minds of many: how can she be a primary face of–and enforcer of–the cadet honor code if she knowingly violated that honor code herself on the way to the top? MRFF will be the vehicle by which she can say no (to the cadets she now leads) and move on.

    If a bridge is being built to MRFF, it’s likely one over a minor tributary rather than a raging river. And if Weinstein acts true to form, he’ll burn that bridge sooner rather than later.

  • Weinstein is a typical narcissist, wants to have all the attention on himself! He is also a major Islamic sympathizer who wants to block those who want to sound the trumpet of warning of stealth Islamization here in the United States. To Mikey, if you preach righteousness against sin you are a homophobe and if you sound the alarm against radical Islam you are an Islamaphobe.