Heather Wilson Confirmed Secretary of the Air Force. Mikey Weinstein Cringes.

Heather Wilson (USAFA ’82) is now the first graduate of the US Air Force Academy to become Secretary of the Air Force, thus ensuring her legacy as a bullet in every four degree’s issued Contrails. She becomes only the second DoD appointee under President Trump to successfully take office, coming just after the second nominee for the Secretary of the Army, Mark Green, withdrew last week.

Even Wilson’s relatively easy confirmation was delayed, with some reports indicating an “unnamed Senator” had put a hold on her confirmation. Mark Green had cited the threat of just such a “hold” on his potential confirmation — which would have kept the Army from getting its new Secretary indefinitely — in his reasoning for withdrawing his name last week.

At one point, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein was facetiously called the Secretary of the Air Force because of his apparent access to and influence over senior Air Force leaders.  Despite his laughable claims that he has been a near martyr in his self-declared “war” against Christians in the US military, Mikey Weinstein has had some surprising friends in high places.

However, Mikey Weinstein says Heather Wilson left him “bleed[ing] by the side of the road” when he tried to get her to support his attack on USAFA in 2005.  (In return, he campaigned for her political opponent, who lost.)

Weinstein has remained uncharacteristically quiet on Wilson’s nomination.

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.