President Trump Nominates Heather Wilson for Secretary of the Air Force

President Donald Trump has nominated former US Rep Heather Wilson (R-NM) to be the next Secretary of the Air Force. Wilson is a 1982 distinguished graduate of the US Air Force Academy, was a Rhodes Scholar, and served with the National Security Council before being elected to the House of Representatives.  She would be the first USAFA graduate to be Secretary of the Air Force.  Compared with other recent Service Secretaries, her foreign policy, elected office, and military service credentials are rather impressive.

Like many of Trump’s nominees, Wilson’s name is less well-known. Generally speaking, she appears to lean conservative as a Republican.  Some reports indicate she is a Methodist, a denomination that runs the spectrum of belief.

Still, Wilson’s name should be familiar: As detailed here, Heather Wilson was a speaker at the 2010 USAFA National Character and Leadership Symposium — the same NCLS that invited Michael “Mikey” Weinstein to speak. Wilson, coincidentally enough, had represented Weinstein’s district — and Weinstein, a self-described “Republican,” had actively worked for her Democratic opponent.

By one report, Weinstein had tried to get Wilson on his side before his ill-fated lawsuit against USAFA in 2005. Her refusal apparently left him smarting:

“Heather Wilson took me and my family, and threw us under a bus to bleed by the side of the road,” Weinstein recently told the Albuquerque Tribune…

This should be interesting.

As noted at the Stars and Stripes.