Top Air Force General Explains the Pilot’s Prayer

Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein recently explained how modern technology has changed the “pilot’s prayer”:

“When I grew up flying F-16s, the pilot’s prayer was, ‘Please God, let me find my target and not let my buddies down,’” Goldfein said. “It’s changed. In precision warfare and the information age, it’s ‘Please God, let me hit the right target, and not let my buddies down…”

(Not to be confused with the Fighter Pilot Prayer, also known as “The Lord is my Crew Chief.”)

General Goldfein’s point was that technology has advanced to the point that pilots almost always hit what they aim at — so their prayer now is that they’re aiming at the right target (a surprisingly difficult challenge in the fog and friction of war, sometimes).

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein will now demand the court-martial of Gen Goldfein for his promotion of Christian supremacy, his unconstitutional order that subordinates pray to God during their attacks, his “weaponization” of Christianity, and providing a propaganda bonanza for our extremist Islamic enemies. (Some reports indicated Gen Goldfein is Jewish, by the way.)

Think it unlikely? Weinstein’s thin skin, tin foil hat, and wilting flower delicate disposition have been set off by far more benign statements in the past made by far less powerful commanders.