Harassed by Mikey Weinstein, Part 3: Targeting the Jewish Soccer Mom

As previously discussed, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s campaign of harassment included sending legal letters to ChristianFighterPilot.com with threats of lawsuits and implications of financial ruin.  But Weinstein’s use of those threats wasn’t limited to this site.

Mikey Weinstein even turned on a Jewish soccer mom.

In 2011, Jewish parents of a US Air Force Academy cadet encouraged their fellow Parents Club members to support USAFA.  Their comments said:

If you are a jewish cadet or a parent of a jewish cadet who has had a positive experience while attending the academy please write a response to Mikey Weinstein…

he currently is using the media to implicate a negative image of the Academy…

Consider: This comment was made in an Academy Parent’s Club forum, and it does little more than ask fellow parents to tell positive stories to offset Weinstein’s negative ones.

That was enough to draw a legal threat from Mikey Weinstein, who is apparently hyper-sensitive to anyone who might oppose him.

The legal-sounding letter came from Weinstein’s ever reliable Mathis and Donheiser (and Jeter, at the time) and appeared to claim the parents’ statement asking for support for USAFA “impl[ied] falsehood” and “might incite unstable people”.

Randy Mathis signed the letter which was addressed directly to those parents — meaning Weinstein had been able to ascertain not only who they were, but presumably where they lived.  Like the letter sent to ChristianFighterPilot.com, Randy included a veiled threat about money:

If the Academy Parents club there carries insurance and/or if you do, which has a notice of circumstance clause, we would appreciate your placing them on notice of our concern.

Worse, though, this time Randy included a copy of the then-current MRFF lawsuit against Gordon Klingenschmitt, which just happened to mention they were suing for nearly a million dollars in damages and fees.  (The lawsuit would be thrown out a year later.)

Randy also took pains to intentionally mention the couple’s children.

In other words, do as we say — or we’ll come after you, and your money.  We know who you are and where you live.  Hope your kids are doing well…

If you posted an internet comment to a local group to which you belonged, and then a lawyer sent you a letter threatening your family with financial ruin, how would you react?

There’s no public information about how the family responded — except the post at issue was pulled down.

Any casual observer could see there was nothing wrong with what they wrote.  Mikey Weinstein and his acolytes were doing nothing more than stalking the internet for any hint of dissent and trying to squelch it before it took root.

Worse, of course, Weinstein’s MRFF then published all of this information on the internet — as a warning to others who might dare oppose their cause.  This also revealed Weinstein’s true motivation for the attack, since Mathis had said the parents’ statement had endangered Weinstein’s “safety and security” — but even though they removed the statement, it lives on even today on Mikey Weinstein’s own website.  It would seem it wasn’t really that dangerous, after all, but rather a hyped-up accusation intended to intimidate a person who was a threat to Weinstein’s crusade.

Ultimately, the legal threat wasn’t even necessary.  It turns out the parents emailed Mikey Weinstein directly, and, as is his practice, he unleashed his hordes to respond, with more than a dozen MRFF acolytes responding to the email addressed to Weinstein.

Mikey Weinstein attempted to harass the couple into silence by spamming them with emails from his supporters.  When that didn’t work, Mikey Weinstein tried to intimidate them with a serious-sounding — if somewhat generic — letter from his lawyer.  In the end, Mikey Weinstein’s behavior was no different than that of a grade school bully.

That’s how widespread Mikey Weinstein’s harassment of his “ideological opponents” was, that he’d target not only ChristianFighterPilot.com, but even a random Jewish soccer mom who did nothing more than encourage positive stories about the Air Force Academy.  But if those positive stories undermined Mikey Weinstein’s crusade, they had to be stopped.

If you speak against Mikey Weinstein, prepare to be harassed — even if indirectly.

More to follow. Stay tuned.

You can see the full letter here.  This topic was previously discussed here.

About This Series

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s lawyers once claimed ChristianFighterPilot.com was “obsessive” about Weinstein and his MRFF. Naturally, ChristianFighterPilot.com is about military religious freedom — and it is surely relevant when Mikey Weinstein, a public figure, makes a living making public attacks religious liberty, as he so frequently does.

On the contrary, Mikey Weinstein is “obsessive” with a few individual US troops, veterans, and even a couple of civilians — most of whom are private citizens unknown to any outside their circle of friends. Weinstein and those associated with his MRFF have attacked them, their employers, their families — sometimes even their children — in ongoing campaigns of harassment that have sometimes spanned years.

This series will document Mikey Weinstein’s history of harassment — in his own words, with his own formatting, filled with his own invective.

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  • Anonymous Patriot

    Mikey Wiener-stein is such a coward. I wish Ronald Speirs was here to offer him a smoke. (Band of Brothers fans will understand that reference.)

  • Mathis and Donheiser are the nothing but the scum of the earth and are true examples of what attorneys are called “sharks.” I did a little Google search on them a few months ago and found an article where they were defense attorney’s defending a priest of allegedly molesting altar boys at his church. Anyone who defends someone of molesting a child in my book is the scum of the earth. So, it makes perfect sense that they would harass those and threaten those with financial loss of daring to make Mikey look bad.