Harassed by Mikey Weinstein, Part 2: The Motivation for His Crusade

The recent demand letter sent to ChristianFighterPilot.com by Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s lawyers wasn’t the first. In fact, seven years ago this coming week, Randal “Randy” Mathis first introduced himself here:

mathisweinstein4The reason for this first letter was an article entitled “MRFF: Chaplain’s Sermons Permissible, Sort of,” which pointed out the flagrant inconsistency between Chris Rodda and Mikey Weinstein — who simultaneously defended, criticized, and tried to raise money off a US Army Chaplain’s sermon given during a church service in the combat theatre. (How a man can claim he defends religious freedom while attacking a pastor’s sermon is beyond comprehension.) Within that article is this quote, noting the hypocrisy in attacking a chaplain in the middle of a religious service:

It is unconscionable that the MRFF refused to defend [the chaplain] and his display of American Constitutional liberties in action. Instead, they are attempting to cash in — at the cost of the religious freedom of US troops. (More accurately, it is Weinstein who is “cashing in,” since about half of all MRFF donations go to him personally, allowing him to pocket more than $250,000 last year alone.)

Of course, it is now widely reported that Mikey Weinstein — the President and only paid employee of his “charity” — takes an exorbitant sum as salary from the donations, totaling nearly $2 million thus far. At the time, though, the young MRFF was still vying for credibility — and apparently any revelation its President was personally receiving nearly half the donations caused “damage to Mr. Weinstein’s reputation,” according to his own lawyer.

The problem for Mathis, though, is the statement is true.  (In fact, Weinstein himself affirmed as much when he signed his public tax statements.)

Mathis, faced with an spittle-flinging angry client but no real recourse, resorted to a stereotypical technique of the legal profession: scare tactics. [emphasis added]


I would appreciate your asking your legal counsel to contact me to discuss the matter, and would also ask that you place your liability insurance carrier on notice of Mr. Weinstein’s concern relative to the matter.

Most average citizens don’t have lawyers, of course, because they’re cost-prohibitive. And an adversarial attorney’s ‘kind advice’ to contact one’s insurance carrier is little more than a veiled threat of fiduciary risk.

In other words, do as we say — or we’ll come after you…and your money.

All for restating factually-correct, publicly available information — but information about Mikey Weinstein he didn’t like.

This was not the last time Weinstein’s lawyers would insinuate that threat, nor was this site the only target of such language.  Likely realizing there was no legal recourse, Mikey Weinstein would continue a low-grade campaign of harassment for several years against those who said things that undermined his crusade.

To get to the punch line, note the article they’re complaining about is still up even today, and Weinstein never followed through on his not-so-thinly veiled threats to file a lawsuit to achieve his ends. Ultimately, Weinstein is a paper tiger who harasses those he dislikes with empty threats in an effort to intimidate them into bowing to his demands. And it seems Randal Mathis is his hapless (but presumably well-paid) vehicle to that end.

The truth may very well be damaging to Mikey Weinstein’s reputation, but that’s a statement on the content of his character, not a statement on the content of the truth.

Still, this letter seven years ago was only the first step by Weinstein and his supporters in a campaign of harassment targeting those who told the truth about Mikey Weinstein and opposed his attacks on military religious freedom.

You can see the full letter here.

More to follow. Stay tuned.

About This Series

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s lawyers once claimed ChristianFighterPilot.com was “obsessive” about Weinstein and his MRFF. Naturally, ChristianFighterPilot.com is about military religious freedom — and it is surely relevant when Mikey Weinstein, a public figure, makes a living by publicly attacking religious liberty, as he so frequently does.

On the contrary, Mikey Weinstein is “obsessive” with a few individual US troops, veterans, and even a couple of civilians — most of whom are private citizens unknown to any outside their circle of friends. Weinstein and those associated with his MRFF have attacked them, their employers, their families — sometimes even their children — in ongoing campaigns of harassment that have sometimes spanned years.

This series will document Mikey Weinstein’s history of harassment — in his own words, with his own formatting, filled with his own invective.

Part 1: Quoting the Bible



  • I would literally laugh if I received a letter like this from Mikey Weinstein. Seriously, I could not stop laughing after reading your demand letter.

    Mikey has ever sent me one. Instead, the MRFF has sent letters to the Air Force senior leadership which I was alerted about, and even then, I laughed really hard.

  • I did a Google search on Randal Mathis and found that he and his collegues in the late 90’s defended a Roman Catholic priest who was allegedly had molested altar boys. Now you have got to be the scum of the earth to defend an alleged child molester who is even a Catholic priest!

  • Anonymous Patriot

    What I would love to see, is Wiener-stein’s threats to physically attack religious members of the military, especially Chuck Norris. I would throw Chuck my money to see him roundhouse kick Wiener-stein.