Weinstein Responds to Chuck Norris with Name-Calling

Apparently, Michael Weinstein finally got around to reading the columns by Chuck Norris, discussed here last week, and saw the number of MRFF-inspired incidents on the list.

His response was classic playground-bully Weinstein:  He called Chuck Norris names.

And then there are the septuagenarian martial arts film stars who proclaim biblical creationism as fact, can act almost as well as a bar of soap, and who are as smart as a box of rocks.

Chuck Norris, the intelligence-challenged star…

If you are smarter than a box of rocks, it is plainly evident that the problem isn’t some fictitious “War on Religion.” Make no mistake; the poorly educated Mr. Norris and his similarly ignorant ilk…

[W]e must repudiate and reject the infantile screed of the pathetically poor actor with the even poorer intellect.

With a rejoinder like that, Chuck might as well pack it in.  The ever-classy Michael Weinstein, ladies and gentlemen:  When you can’t defend your position, call the other guy names.

Of course, Weinstein wanted to meet other critics on the playground after school.  Funny; he didn’t physically threaten Chuck Norris as he did them.

Think he’s worried about a roundhouse kick?  After all,

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.