LGBT Activists are Using Military Kids to Advance their Agenda

Homosexuals discovered a few years ago that if they could normalize homosexuality within the US military, then they could normalize it within society.  Saying it was “unfair” that homosexuals couldn’t get “equal rights” wasn’t enough.  But if you could say those same homosexuals were “giving their lives for their country,” the mood would change.

They subsequently discovered that homosexuals who were denied the military benefits of “marriage” — especially when one was killed in the line of duty — made a powerful argument for redefining marriage.

It’s a technique that has worked — and it’s a technique that other special interest groups have attempted to mimic ever since (and others haven’t yet thought of it).

Transgender activists tried the same thing, but when one of the best examples of a man wanting to be a woman is convicted for stealing state secrets (a la Bradley “Chelsea” Manning), they faced an uphill battle. Worse still, due to overexposure society has almost grown numb to the “we risk our lives for this country” meme. Transgender activists needed something more.

So they went for the children. They went for the “milkids.”


13-year-old “Jenn” Brewer

A male teenager going by the name Jenn Brewer — a military dependent at Fort Belvoir, VA — was featured by the Associated Press in October. Not only did the AP write a leading story on a child, they revealed his name, medical information, and photograph. This is the same organization that routinely declines to identify minors at all. That kind of detail just doesn’t get released about a kid — unless its done very intentionally.

Now, another male child — this one just 11 years old — whose parents are allowing him to present himself as a girl has become the latest poignant story for the transgender movement:

The 11-year-old transgender daughter [sic, son] of an American service member stationed in Germany has been barred from using the girls’ bathroom at an elementary school run by the U.S. military.

Naturally, this persecution is detrimental to the self-esteem of the boy, who refers to himself as “Blue”:

“She’s terrified of having to use the boys’ bathroom,” Jess said. Given the choice between ridicule, mockery or worse, and missing several minutes of class just to get to and from the restroom, Blue told her mother she is purposely dehydrating herself and “holding it in” for as long as she can while at school, a decision that presents potential risks to her health, and nearly resulted in a very embarrassing episode Thursday.

“For Blue to go to the bathroom, she has to go down three floors, leave the building, cross the courtyard to the other building, just to find a single stall bathroom. She says today she barely made it; she almost wet herself. She could have cut through the library, but it was full of kids, and she was afraid she would wet herself in front of everyone,” Jess said.


11-year-old “Blue”

This risk to health, of course, requires the power of the State to protect “Blue” — even if doing so puts 900 other students in the position of facing the same trauma by virtue of him being in the little girls’ room.

Pre-adolescent and teenage kids can have substantial struggles — that’s been a fact of life for millennia. It is both tragic and sickening to see parents enabling the trauma of these children rather than guiding them through it.

To use an extreme example, if a 12-year-old expressed suicidal thoughts, does anyone really think a parent should encourage their self-destructive ideations?

Worse still, these specific children are being used as pawns to enable a larger neo-sexual movement. Their stories are being chosen and broadcast in awkward attempts to garner sympathy and produce otherwise unacceptable social change.  (The Air Force has even brought in a speaker who believes children should be able to “change genders” without their parents’ knowledge.)

Doubt it? Note the unintended self-contradiction in the story about the “boy named Blue.” As quoted above, “Blue” is “terrified” of using the male restroom, while at the same time:

Blue [has been] warmly welcomed and accepted as the girl she is by the vast majority of the approximately 900 other American children learning their ABCs at the Ramstein Air Base, as well as by the school’s administration.

So he’s “terrified” in an environment that’s described as almost entirely supportive — not even indifferent, but supportive.

Further, the homosexual lobby at the American Military Partner Association, led by the long famous Ashley Broadway, made the oxymoronic statement that

All students, regardless of their gender identity, deserve to be able to go to school in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

It turns out the Department of Defense agrees:

Will Griffin, a spokesman for DODEA-Europe…[said] The goal is to ensure students “feel welcome at each of our schools, in an environment free of discrimination, and that they really have the opportunity to thrive.”

That’s great. So all students — including those who “prefer” their natural, biological gender — are entitled to an environment free from both discrimination and harassment. All students should “feel welcome” — including the 800+ other students at the Ramstein school who aren’t tragically confused about their sexuality.  Yet those students are being told only they — those who conform to traditional standards of male and female — are not allowed to use the bathroom in peace.  Is the official military policy really going to be that they can be harassed and discriminated against by being required to be in a mixed-genitalia bathroom at the ripe age of 10 — just to make a confused boy feel better?

That’s pretty much what the Department of Defense just said, according to the parents of “Blue” [formatting original]:

Last night we heard back from the Secretary of Defense (yes I mean THE US Secretary of Defense) And because of our Fight now ALL TRANSGENDER KIDS in ALL department of Defense schools can now use the bathroom and Locker Room of their gender Identity!!

Not just bathrooms, but locker rooms, too.  So the US military now says your 11-year-old daughter can change for gym class or the pool or take a shower alongside someone who is a boy in every biological sense of the word.

“Blue” is “terrified” to use the boys’ bathroom. How many girls have to be “terrified” of the idea of having “Blue” — a boy — in their girls’ bathroom and locker room? How many parents have to express terror? Just 2? Or 10? How about 20? How many “scarednon-LGBT people does it take to secure their ‘rights and liberties’ to live in an environment free from the harassment and discrimination of the LGBT movement?

US military parents overseas don’t have other options for English-speaking schools.  How can they protect their daughters from the requirement they change clothes or shower in a mixed-gender locker room?  At best, those who want to protect their children are going to have to request the “discrimination” that “Blue” refused: a single-facility bathroom.  Hundreds of students — not just one who is choosing to do something different — will now need to risk “embarrassment” and their health as they wait to use a restroom that guarantees them peace and dignity.  And they’ll have to hope their rights will be “accommodated” in a single-facility locker room, as well.  And people wonder why homeschooling has become so popular.

An adult man wanting to be an adult woman just doesn’t garner the sympathy necessary for social change. To get the attention and sympathy they think they need, the LGBT movement is using children.

That’s despicable.

It also fits a social engineering trend, however.  If kids grow up thinking things like this are “normal,” then the moral line of right and wrong in society won’t just be blurred — it will go away completely.  Look what happened when they started “normalizing” homosexuality in kindergarten.

Worse, of course, is that those with the courage to protect children — even their own children — will be called bigots and transphobes. (Note that no one is calling transgenders “-phobic” for saying they’re scared to use the correct bathroom. Socially acceptable hate tends to flow in only one direction.)  Like US troops stationed overseas, many will also have no recourse unless they are able to homeschool or afford private education.

We truly live in a fallen world, yet even those who are areligious acknowledge we are not entitled to, nor should we act on, every feeling or temptation we may have. Many pre-adolescents and teenagers can’t even be consistent in what type of cereal they want for breakfast from one day to the next, and yet they’re being encouraged to walk down a moral road from which they face a long recovery — if they recover at all. These children need to be supported and loved through this struggle to resolution — not encouraged to embrace that which they will ultimately know is wrong.

For the time being, it seems society is content to promote these behaviors — even at the cost of the privacy, rights, and liberties of the rest of society.  The government will protect your children from harassment and discrimination, and it will make them “feel welcome” and give them the chance to thrive — if those kids feel (today) like they are either homosexual or transgender.  If your kids are straight and gender-conforming, they just need to stop being bigots.

Think about the children. The LGBT movement certainly is.

The disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.
Matthew 18:1-6



  • Benevolent believers use religion to promote love. Bigoted believers use religion to promote hate. These hatred spewing Christians bring to mind the following worldly wisdom:
    “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.” – Blaise Pascal (Christian Philosopher).
    “There is no argument in the world that carries the hatred that a religious belief one does.” – Mark Twain (American humorist).

    • Anonymous Patriot

      Nothing in this article was hateful. Get a life.

    • @John Compere

      Sir, what you call hatred, Bible believers call love, because only a person that truly loves another will tell them the most truth.

      I would like to plead with you Sir to repent and believe in Christ (1 Cor 15:1-4), because He is the only one that can deliver you from the domain of darkness that is holding you captive (Acts 4:12).

      With much love, I know that you are aware that everyone has an appointed day to die, but then also comes the judgment (Heb 9:27). If you died tomorrow Sir, where would you go (heaven or hell)? You can avoid responding to this post because you have the right to ignore me, but I can promise you that you will not ignore your Master on judgment (Rev 20:11-15).

      Very Respectfully,

  • Dear Gen Compere,

    With all due respect you are an idiot sir!! I guess you have never had daughters. Let me ask you general, would you want a young boy coming into the girls restroom where you daughter is going to the bathroom? Would you want a young boy showering next to your daughter at school? Any father with a sense of morality would say NO!!

    This is just another way for the radical gay agenda to be pushed upon our children there immorality now at our government run schools. I cannot wait, sadly, until the first lawsuit is brought forth because some young lady was sexually assaulted at one of these schools either in the bathroom or shower!

    General, this is one of the few instances where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or one!