Trans-abled Soon to Join Transgendered in Push for “Rights”

The “success” of the transgender movement appears to have inspired another repressed class of people who just want equal rights: “Trans-abled” people believe they are sick, amputees, or paralyzed persons — but they’re trapped in a healthy person’s body.  Trans-abled people may act as if they are disabled, or they may attempt to actually become disabled — either by force or by surgical procedure.

One of the more infamous is Chloe Jennings-White, a man-turned-woman who is able-bodied but thinks he’s actually disabled.

While this condition is still recognized as a disorder, it may not be long before American taxpayers are paying for their “right” to have the surgeries that create medical conditions giving them the ability to stop “living a lie.”  Surely thousands of trans-abled individuals sacrifice in the service of their country, meaning they have earned such societal respect regardless of any opposing views.

Meanwhile, despite the ever-changing sexual and societal landscape, the consistent moral line hasn’t moved, and many continue to believe that God made you just the way you are, and He loves you very much.